Someone once said that the summer in Italy described in this film is very beautiful.That’s why I ordered this movie.Sometimes, the reason for watching movies is so superficial.I thought that even if the film was very dull, it would not be bad to watch it as a tourist scenery film.Facts have proved that my idea is wrong.Of course, it doesn’t mean that the Italian summer in the film is not beautiful.It’s beautiful.It’s very summer.It’s very Italian summer. behind the dazzling sunshine is the selfish, ugly and distorted side.This kind of film describing human weakness or extreme end face is always very attractive.

And the film will magnify it to the extreme, so that the viewer will be hit at once and cause thinking.

This is the meaning of good movies.

In the film, Ripley is a highly imitative person. He can quickly imitate other people’s signature and voice, and even quickly learn the music he listens to for the first time.

He works under Dickie’s father.

Dickie is a dissolute and free rich second generation who only wants to spend his holiday in Italy. Dad couldn’t persuade him to come back, so he paid Ripley to do it.

Ripley is just a poor boy. Invite the boss’s son home not only to earn money, but also to play in Italy. Why not?

So he set off for Italy.

When he arrived in Italy and saw Diki, he was only envious. He is eager to become a person like Dickie: there is endless money, endless vacation, and beautiful and generous lover.

So Ripley began to imitate all this, so that people around him thought that he was the person of that class

But Dickie didn’t think so. He still looked down on him in his heart and even ripped him apart.

Because of these inferiority complex, he was so stimulated that it was even worse.

When the two of them went to sea alone, Dickie was killed.

From then on Ripley became Dickie.

Enjoy everything he once longed for.

Seamless connection between the two roles

Because of his inferiority, he steals others’ lives; Because of selfishness, he used countless lies to cover up the truth

Did he kill Dickie by mistake?

I think so.

The anger of being looked down upon and his desire for a rich life led to tragedy.

When he was young, Jude Law was very handsome. He played the second generation of rich people without any sense of contradiction.

Simple, promiscuous, casual, irritable, beautiful

Peter’s actor is also a typical British handsome man.

Gentle and gentle

Ripley also performed inferiority, desire, distortion and ugliness.

A film from 1999.

I thought the picture would be unclear, or the soundtrack would have a sense of age mismatch.

But whether it is the picture, actors, soundtrack, clothing, scene and plot, it is very attractive.

It’s a movie worth seeing.

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