Comedians Colin Burgess and Anthony Oberbeck lead a fully improvised indie film about the hilarious hijinks of fatherhood.

Burgess and Oberbeck are credited as co-writers for “Dad & Step-Dad,” which marks Brooklyn-based artist Tynan DeLong’s feature directorial debut. IndieWire exclusively debuts the trailer for the buzzed-about film that debuted on indie streaming platform NoBudge.

Now, after a premiere at Nitehawk Cinema Prospect Park, sold-out screenings at Spectacle theater, and a limited theatrical run at Alamo Drafthouse, “Dad & Step-Dad” arrives on digital platforms. The movie marks NoBudge’s first move into distribution.

Director DeLong co-wrote “Dad & Step-Dad” with lead stars Burgess and Oberbeck. The official synopsis reads: “A comedy about family, communication, insecurity, and the fragility of the male ego, the film follows Jim and Dave, a dad and a step-dad, as they struggle with bonding during a weekend upstate with Branson, the son they share.”

Brooklyn-based comedian and “SNL” writer Clare O’Kane and theater actor Brian Fiddyment round out the cast.

“Dad & Step-Dad” was filmed in just four days during summer 2021, with a production budget of $18,000. The feature is entirely improvised and based on an outline and multiple rehearsals. The concept behind the dramedy began as a series of improvised shorts created by DeLong, Burgess, and Oberbeck in 2018. The film uses cinéma vérité, documentary filmmaking, ASMR, and Japanese environmental music as cinematic inspirations.

Fifteen of director DeLong’s short films can currently be found on streaming platform NoBudge, which distributes “Dad & Step-Dad.” The platform is a tool for young and emerging filmmakers to share their work; the site was launched by filmmaker Kentucker Audley in 2018.

“I’ve been a huge fan of this creative team for a while, and DeLong’s debut feature could not better represent these brilliant comedy minds perfectly in their element,” NoBudge founder Audley said of “Dad & Step-Dad,” adding, “If you’ve been following NoBudge, these are already household names, and I’m really excited to finally introduce the film to the wider world.”

“Dad & Step-Dad” is produced by Graham Mason (“Good One”) and Sarah Wilson (“Scary Car”). The film screened as part of the inaugural New/Next Film Fest in Baltimore, programed by veteran curator Eric Allen Hatch.

“Dad & Step-Dad” premieres March 22 on Apple TV, Amazon, and Vimeo for VOD. The film was previously released on streaming platform NoBudge December 22. Check out the trailer below.

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