While the Lohan-aissance is confirmed fetch, Lindsay Lohan‘s reign is just getting started. The actress returns to her roots with “Irish Wish,” which is being released during the 20th anniversary of her beloved (yet still underrated) 2004 rom-com “Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen.” And lest we forget about her other 2004 feature back in the news: her iconic turn as Cady Heron in “Mean Girls,” which is now an official franchise, complete with a Lohan cameo in the last’s year hit “Mean Girls” movie musical. So yes, it’s still Lohan’s world and we’re all just living in it.

Consider “Irish Wish” another perfect example: Lohan’s fingerprints are all over this cute yet very forgettable Netflix film. Lohan doesn’t just appear as the film’s lead, but also serves as an executive producer, along with her husband, and Lohan’s control over the direction of the story itself — plus the film’s casting — is evident.

Lohan’s real-life best friend Ayesha Curry plays her pal onscreen, her sister Ali Lohan sings two songs on the soundtrack, and her brother Dakota Lohan appears as a groomsmen in the movie. Oh, and did we mention that “Irish Wish” is directed by Lohan’s “Falling for Christmas” helmer Janeen Damian, who has credited Lohan with giving her a career? “Falling for Christmas” may be the better film, but “Irish Wish” marks a turning point in Lohan’s return to fame: now she’s really in charge.

In the film, Lohan plays book editor Maddie, who is harboring a crush on her author client and collaborator Tom (Alexander Vlahos). When one of Maddie’s friends (Elizabeth Tan) falls for Tom, Maddie is forced to attend their wedding, while still having feelings for her would-be love interest. Call in that so-called “Irish Wish,” and Maddie gets to swap places with the bride-to-be, finding herself lined up to marry the man of her dreams … or is he really? Soon, sparks are flying with local photographer James (Ed Speelers), and Maddie’s already fraught love life gets even wilder.

As much as the film seems like Lohan’s behind the scenes, in front of the camera, “You” alum Speelers anchors the film with A-lister-in-the-making charisma. Each line, penned by screenwriter Kirsten Hansen in an apparently a semi-autobiographical story (!!), is delivered by Speelers with such conviction, it’s almost as if he’s just going off the cuff entirely and speaking from his own heart. (An especially sweet pub scene with Speelers and Lohan helps make their love story come to life, and grounds “Irish Wish,” more so than the physical comedy or heavy-handed quips from Curry.)

Ed Speelers and Lindsay Lohan in ‘Irish Wish’Netflix

“Irish Wish” was filmed on location in Ireland, specifically at the stunning Kilruddery House castle and Lough Tay in Wicklow, Westport Town, as well as the Cliffs of Moher in County Clare. Lohan’s own half-Irish heritage — plus her two-picture deal with Netflix post-“Falling for Christmas” — made “Irish Wish” the perfect excuse to travel to her ancestral homeland for her next swing. The gorgeous imagery and lush scenery will likely make audiences forget all about other CGI-heavy features that skimp on using real places to make sudsy stories feel even remotely grounded in the real world.

It’s too bad that “Irish Wish” suffers from some iffy casting, the kind that really needs to pop in this sort of romantic outing: Lohan and Vlahos have little chemistry and while that’s the point, to an extent (Tom is not Maddie’s one true love!), it would have been more fun if the love triangle (square?) was stoked a bit more.

Also working against it: “Irish Wish” apes the much-better “27 Dresses” almost beat for beat, only swapping in Guinness pints and darts for martinis and “Penny and the Jets.” And that’s fine! The rom-com genre lives and dies on its tropes, because we love them and they’re comforting, but the lack of originality smarts here. “Irish Wish” might be more at home on the Hallmark Channel — where it would really stand out — but in the land of Netflix, it just doesn’t shine the way “Falling for Christmas” did. We’re raising a pint to Lohan’s next Netflix film instead, and wishing for something better.

Rating: C-

“Irish Wish” starts streaming on Netflix on Friday, March 15.

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