We bet Studio Executive Barbie wouldn’t write off content.

On the (high) heels of Greta Gerwig‘s “Barbie” success comes Mattel’s 2024 Barbie Career of the Year, the “Women in Film” collection. The first new Barbie dolls of the year include Cinematographer Barbie, Studio Executive Barbie, Director Barbie, and Movie Star Barbie.

Cinematographer Barbie sports a purple “Chase Dreams” t-shirt, black leopard-printed pants, and white sneakers. She’s got a clapboard accessory.

Studio Executive Barbie wears a smart blue blazer, leather skirt, black heels, and yellow sunglasses. Her accessory is a smartphone to tell HBO Max to delete all “Batgirl” footage close deals.

Director Barbie is dressed in a denim jumpsuit and coral sneakers. She’s busy, with a viewfinder around her neck, yellow headset, and script in hand. (It should be noted that Director Barbie, like Cinematographer Barbie, wears flats.)

Movie Star Barbie is the closest to a traditional Barbie. She’s glammed up in a sequined floor-length gown with a beaded silver necklace. It looks like she recently won an Oscar — but let’s call it a generic trophy to hold off the Academy. Gerwig’s “Barbie” kicked off awards season with two Golden Globe wins out of nine nominations.

Judging by the CV of her 65-year existence, Barbie’s LinkedIn is the ultimate doomscroll. To date, Barbie has held 250-plus different careers, per Mattel, from princess to President to zoologist — and everything in between (this side of key grip).

“To show girls they can be anything, Barbie continues to take on culturally relevant and aspirational roles in fields where women are underrepresented,” the “Women in Film” fact sheet reads. It also points to research by the Center for the Study of Women in Television and Film at San Diego State University that found the number of women working in leadership roles on top-grossing films has increased by only 7 percent over the past 25 years.

“Barbie” was the top-grossing film of 2023 both domestically and worldwide. Gerwig became the first female director in history with a billion-dollar film. She should have all the dolls.

The “Women in Film” Barbies sell for $49.99. Last year’s “Career of the Year” was “Women in Sports.” In 2022, it was “Eco-Leadership,” because every girl (3+) is dying to play Chief Sustainability Offer. (For a fun dynamic, we recommend Ken as the colleague who refuses to recycle in-office paper memos while vehemently denying climate change.)

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