Jamie Dornan wants you to know that even our biggest movie stars are not immune to email scams.

In a new appearance on the Happy Sad Confused podcast, Dornan opened up about an email hack that briefly inflicted chaos upon his Hollywood social circle. He recalled a time when Eddie Redmayne’s email account was hacked, prompting all of his contacts to receive a phishing message asking them to send him money.

“Eddie got scammed on his email,” Dornan said. “We all got emails saying, like, ‘Guys, I’m up against it here. I need some cash.’”

It’s a common scam that has affected many Americans at one point or another, and increased cybersecurity awareness has taught many people to ignore such messages. But Dornan explained that the incident caused him to gain respect for another one of Redmayne’s famous friends, Warren Beatty. Despite most of the message’s recipients correctly assuming that it was a scam, the “Bonnie & Clyde” star was quick to offer financial assistance to Redmayne before figuring out the truth.

“Warren Beatty was like, ‘What can I do?’” Dornan continued. “It got sent to all of [Redmayne’s] contacts. I don’t think we were all on there together. I wasn’t like, ‘Yeah, Warren, you go, you go first, I’ll follow.’ We all just got individual emails saying, ‘Guys, I really need you to wire me some cash.’ Fair credit, Warren Beatty was like, ‘Whatever you need.’ What a legend.”

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