Mia Goth is accused of assaulting a “MaXXXine” background actor during on-set during production.

The “X” and “Pearl” actress who leads writer/director Ti West‘s horror trilogy is at the center of a lawsuit filed by the yet-unnamed background actor, as TMZ first reported. West and production company A24 are additionally named in the lawsuit. IndieWire has reached out to all parties’ representatives for comment.

Per the legal documents obtained by TMZ, Goth allegedly kicked the background actor in the head on purpose during a take, and then proceeded to bully him afterwards. The background actor is seeking at least $500,000 in damages for battery and wrongful termination after being fired from the set.

The unnamed actor was required to wear a robe and be entirely covered in fake blood while he laid on the ground to play dead for hours, “enduring ants and mosquitoes” per the suit. Goth, who plays the serial killer Maxine, was supposed to run past the actor, step over him, and look back at him before running again. However, the actor claimed Goth “nearly stepped” on him and was warned to be careful. After the warning, Goth allegedly “intentionally kicked” him in the head in the next take, causing him to suffer from a concussion.

Per the suit, no medical assistance was provided on set. Following the alleged incident, Goth later approached the actor in the bathroom and “taunted, mocked, and belittled” him while threatening him if he took action against her or the film.

The background actor further alleges that the fake blood and robe required for the role were painful to peel off and due to the then-undiagnosed concussion, he “nearly passed out twice” while leaving the set. He later sought private medical attention, and claims he was taken off of production after the encounter with Goth.

A24’s “MaXXXine” is set in 1985 and follows Goth’s Maxine in Los Angeles where she’s looking to get famous as an actress. Halsey, Elizabeth Debicki, Moses Sumney, Michelle Monaghan, Bobby Cannavale, Lily Collins, Giancarlo Esposito, and Kevin Bacon co-star.

In September 2022, director West and A24 issued an open casting call for fans to be background actors in the film.

Actress/producer/co-writer Goth previously told IndieWire that she didn’t want Maxine (or her counterpart Pearl) to be viewed as villains, despite their multiple murders in the slasher.

“I had a lot of sympathy toward Pearl, and it was important that even in this world that they’re in — in a slasher film — they wouldn’t be presented as horror tropes or they’re seen as the monsters. That wouldn’t have been interesting for me to have played at all,” Goth said.

“X” debuted at SXSW, with sequel “Pearl” making its world premiere at the 2022 Venice Film Festival and hosted its North American debut at TIFF. “MaXXXine” is among IndieWire’s most anticipated films of 2024.

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