Lukas Gage and Zachary Quinto are keeping their clandestine meeting on the down low.

“The White Lotus” and “You” star Gage co-wrote queer sex comedy “Down Low” with Phoebe Fisher. Gage stars as a sex worker who is hired by a depressed (and repressed) divorcé to kickstart his new love life. Simon Rex, Audra McDonald, and Judith Light also star.

“Down Low” is directed by “Bonding” series creator Rightor Doyle, who also acted in the final season of “Barry.” The film debuted at 2023 SXSW.

In the film, Gary (Quinto) hires Cameron (Gage), a spirited and boundary-free sex worker to give him an erotic massage. When Cameron learns how inexperienced middle-aged Gary is, he becomes determined to deliver a crash course in unapologetic queer life. Cameron’s agenda of hookup apps and gay nomenclature quickly causes the day to take several riotously obscure turns as the pair endure a nosy, pill-popping neighbor, a dark web intruder, and more in a hilarious evening of consequences and confrontation.

“Down Low” is produced by Ashley Fox, Lucas Wiesendanger, and Ross Katz. Executive producers include Glen Basner, Alison Cohen, Milan Popelka, Ben Browning, and Will Greenfield.

Gage told Vulture that “Down Low” is inspired by “Pretty Woman” and “His Girl Friday,” albeit a more “unhinged” take.

“Originally, we really wanted a fast-paced, fucked-up rom-com. But it was always about two very different people that are in this larger-than-life, crazy circumstance and what they learn from one another within this 24-hour period,” Gage said. “There’s a little bit more heart in this version. It was needing a little bit more of a soul and a little bit more redeemability from the characters.”

Gage’s co-star Quinto added that the film was precisely the “unexpected” comedic role he was looking for. “It felt like something I hadn’t seen before in terms of the brand of humor,” Quinto said. “I finished a job right before the pandemic and was happy for a long break during that time. I wanted to do something that was unexpected for that first thing back, and this certainly was that.”

“Down Low” premieres on demand October 10 from Sony Pictures. Check out the Red Band trailer below.

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