It’s rare for a studio to become a brand, but A24 has managed it. Since its humble beginnings as a New York-based distribution company founded by Daniel Katz, David Fenkel, and John Hodges in August 2012, A24 has become synonymous with quality for film lovers, the place that releases the must-see indies everyone is talking about.

A24’s first film was the little-seen and little-loved “A Glimpse Inside the Mind of Charles Swan III” from Roman Coppola, which hit theaters in February 2013 to muted fanfare. But the movie that really put the company on the map was “Spring Breakers,” Harmony Korine’s wild crime comedy that hit theaters in March that same year and established many of the conventions fans associate with the brand: artful neon cinematography, shocking content and stylized violence, and cool-kid cleverness suffused in every frame. That’s not to say every movie that the company distributes is like “Spring Breakers” — the majority aren’t — but its release made A24 cool in a way a film distribution company usually isn’t.

Since 2013, A24 has grown quickly to release an impressive slate of acclaimed movies each year. It’s become the destination for great arthouse horror, putting out modern genre classics like “Under the Skin,” “The Witch,” and “Green Room.” It’s released Oscar winners and nominees, like “Room,” “Ex Machina,” “Lady Bird,” and “Aftersun.”

In 2016, the company began branching into production, and the first film it produced — Barry Jenkins’ “Moonlight” — won Best Picture in a landmark Oscar moment. Since then, its production output has exploded, and the films A24 has had a hand in financing and backing — “Hereditary,” “Eighth Grade,” “Uncut Gems,” “The Green Knight,” and “Past Lives” — have been wildly acclaimed. And with last year’s “Everything Everywhere All at Once” — another Oscar winner — A24 had their biggest hit yet, as the Daniels’ action comedy grossed over $100 million worldwide.

So what’s next for A24? Currently, the studio is wrapping up its 2023 with the release of three anticipated titles: Sean Durkin’s “The Iron Claw,” Jonathan Glazer’s “The Zone of Interest,” and Steve McQueen documentary “Occupied City.” 2024 doesn’t have any locked down release dates from the studio quite yet, but there’s a ton coming up, including horror sequel “Maxxxine,” Annie Baker film “Janet Planet,” and strike delay casualty “Problemista,” a comedy directed by and starring Julio Torres. That’s not getting into the movies still in development and filming, which ensures that A24 and its films should remain as buzzy as they’ve always been.

Here’s a look at all the films currently in the works at A24, listed in order of expected release; titles without a release window are listed alphabetically. This list will be updated as new films and release dates are announced.

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