“The Equalizer 3” (Sony) debuted on PVOD at $19.99 with #1 placement at both iTunes and Vudu. It’s #5 at Google Play, which seems to be lagging worse than usual; its titles haven’t changed in four days, which likely affects some rankings.

Meantime, “Fair Play,” the relationship thriller that premiered to acclaim at Sundance last January, is an immediate #1 at Netflix. The streamer paid $20 million for worldwide rights, a bargain against the production costs for other Netflix Originals.

The Denzel Washington franchise, currently #8 in theaters with $86 million domestic gross, added PVOD after 32 days. “The Nun II” (Warner Bros.), currently #7 at the box office with $81 million, arrived a week sooner at 25 days at $19.99. It is #2 at Vudu (which lists by revenue) and lags elsewhere: It’s #5 at iTunes and #10 at Google Play.

"The Nun II"
“The Nun II”Courtesy Warner Bros. Pictures

Also new this week, #8 at Vudu, is “After Everything” (Vertical, $19.99), the fifth in the “After” series based on the young-adult novels. It previously played as a Fathom Event.

“Barbie” (WB) remains #1 at Google Play, still renting for $24.99. It’s #2 at iTunes, but only fifth at Vudu. It, along with “Equalizer,” “The Nun,” “Blue Beetle” (WB), “Gran Torino” (Sony), and “Talk to Me” (A24) appears on all three lists.

“Talk to Me” is one of two titles with a price reduction (it varies from $4.99-$5.99), along with “Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny” (Disney). The latter is trying something different: Its initial availability for download comes at $12.99, ahead of a lower rental price. That boosted the film to #3 at iTunes, #4 at Vudu (again, with Google Play playing catch-up).

Netflix’s $20 million spend on “Fair Play” is off to a strong start, but determining real value will depend on how long it stays high in the top 10 (as well as the later release of any minutes-watched data). It leads three other originals, one other debuting (“Ballerina,” a South Korean thriller, at #8). “Reptile,” #1 last week, is #2, while “Nowhere” from Spain is #4.

Otherwise, the list looks like something out of Peacock with six Universal titles, mostly newly available. Tops is #3 “American Made” with Tom Cruise, with two Jordan Peele titles (“Get Out” and “Us”) also included.

iTunes and Google Play rank films daily by number of transactions. These are the listings for Monday, October 9. Distributors listed are current rights owners. Prices for all titles are for lowest for either rental or download.


1.The Equalizer (Sony) – $19.99

2.Barbie (WB) – $24.99

3. Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny (Disney) – $12.99

4. Talk to Me (A24) – $5.99

5. The Nun II (WB) – $19.99

6.No Hard Feelings (Sony) – $5.99

7. Blue Beetle (WB) – $19.99

8. Gran Turismo (Sony) – $19.99

9. Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse (Sony) – $5.99

10. Bottoms (MGM) – $5.99

Google Play

1.Barbie (WB) – $24.99

2. Blue Beetle (WB) – $19.99

3.No Hard Feelings (Sony) – $5.99

4. Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse (Sony) – $5.99

5. The Equalizer II (Sony) – $19.99

6. Talk to Me (A24) – $4.99

7. Gran Turismo (Sony) – $19.99

8. John Wick: Chapter 4 (Lionsgate) – $5.99

9. Meg 2: The Trench (WB) – $19.99

10. The Nun II (WB) – $19.99


Vudu ranks by revenue, not transactions, elevating premium VOD titles. This list covers September 25-October 2 – 8.

1. The Equalizer 3 (Sony) – $19.99

2. The Nun II (WB) – $19.99

3. Blue Beetle (WB) – $19.99

4. Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny (Disney) – $12.99

5. Barbie (WB) – $24.99

6. Gran Turismo (Sony) – $19.99

7. Haunted Mansion (Disney) – $19.99

8. After Everything (Vertical) – $19.99

9. Talk to Me (A24) – $5.99

10. My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3 (Focus) – $19.99

Netflix Movies

Most viewed, current ranking on Netflix’s daily chart on Monday, October 9. Originals include both Netflix-produced and acquired titles it initially presents in the U.S. Netflix publishes its own weekly top 10 on Tuesdays based on time viewed

1. Fair Play (Netflix original)

2 Reptile (Netflix original)

3. American Made (2017 theatrical release)

4. Nowhere (Spanish Netflix original)

5. Casper (1995 theatrical release)

6. Get Out (2017 theatrical release)

7. Us (2019 theatrical release)

8. Ballerina (South Korean Netflix original)

9. Ma (2019 theatrical release)

10. Safe House (2012 theatrical release)

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