There’s something soothing about watching the stresses of a courtroom drama unfold — likely the same compulsion that leads to so many of us watching and rewatching “Law & Order.” As we go about our days and suffer through the small indignities of our jobs and our commutes and our lives, courtroom dramas offer the promise of hubris punished by Nemesis in its “retributive justice” sense.

Not every courtroom drama offers justice (but then neither does our legal system) and not every courtroom drama hinges on seeing the bad punished; in many instances, we are rooting for the unjustly accused to be exonerated. With the recent premieres of William Friedkin’s final film, “The Caine Mutiny Court-Martial,” and Justine Triet’s Cannes-winning “Anatomy of a Fall” (which lays bare the idiosyncracies of the French judicial system), here are 12 great examples of their peers.

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