The Los Angeles Press Club held the 16th annual National Arts and Entertainment Journalism Awards on Sunday night, honoring the best reporting, criticism, and analysis from across the digital, print, and broadcast media industries. IndieWire received nine nominations and ultimately won seven awards.

Executive Managing Editor Christian Blauvelt won first place in the Soft News, Arts category, for his analysis piece “Will Disney Win Against DeSantis? The Florida Lawsuit Explained.”

IndieWire‘s entire staff was honored with third place in the Entertainment Website category. TV Critic and Deputy Editor Ben Travers was also awarded third place in the TV Critic category for his overarching body of work at the site. Additionally, four other individual stories were honored with second or third place finishes.

“I’m really proud of the IndieWire team,” said Dana Harris-Bridson, senior VP and Editor-In-Chief at IndieWire. “We’re a small but mighty crew and I’m honored that the LA Press Club chose to recognize our work this year.”

IndieWire’s Senior Reporter Brian Welk took second place in the Business, Film-Related category for his story “Running a Movie Theater Is More Expensive Than You Can Possibly Imagine.”

Weekend Editor Christian Zilko also finished second in the Personality Profile, TV Personalities category for “Tim Heidecker and Gregg Turkington Give Us ‘Siskel & Ebert’ at the Gates of Hell.”

Crafts & Special Projects Executive Editor Chris O’Falt, Crafts and Special Projects features writer Jim Hemphill, and associate producer Trevor Wallace received two second place finishes. The trio took second place in both Soft News Feature, TV/Film — Under 5 Minutes for their story “‘We’re Going to Fly in This Movie’: ‘Elvis’ Cinematographer Mandy Walker on Shooting the King”and Soft News Feature, Podcast for the Toolkit Podcast episode, “How Michael Shannon & Jessica Chastain Became ‘George & Tammy.’”

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