Julia Fox stepped away from Hollywood to write her life story.

The “Uncut Gems” breakout star told The New York Times that her upcoming memoir “Down the Drain” became her career focus as opposed to taking on new roles.

“I had been given a deadline, and I kind of misunderstood what that meant,” Fox said. “I had to turn it in in, like, three months or something. I thought I had six months. The book swallowed my life. Everything became book, book, book. I didn’t go out. I didn’t take other jobs.”

Fox called it “offensive” that fans are assuming she hired a ghostwriter for the book.

“Well, I’ve had people be like, ‘Off record, between you and I, did you use a ghostwriter? Did somebody help you?’ It’s kind of offensive,” Fox said, citing that she has previously been public about writing “every word” of the book. “I wouldn’t make that statement if there were some ghostwriter out in the world — that feels really stupid. It goes back to people always underestimating me or not taking me seriously. What else is new?”

Now, with the memoir being published by Simon and Schuster, Fox is working on an upcoming film, which she co-wrote with Sara Apple. It’s been billed as “Weekend at Bernie’s” meets “Spring Breakers.” She is also starring in “The Trainer” co-starring Bella Thorne and Stephen Dorff.

“I’m doing a movie this month. I have my upcycling fashion show that I’m so excited to do because I love young designers. It’s a dream to be able to give them a platform. I also wrote a movie with my friend Sara,” Fox said. “It’s about these two girls that go on a bender — they’re in and out of A.A. — and they accidentally kill one of the girl’s sugar daddies. It’s really funny and crazy and, I think, very empowering. It’s ditsy. It’s dark.”

“There are really no movies about female friendship, unless it’s like some lesbian thing,” Fox said of her script. “I think female friendship is a great topic to explore because when it’s that intense, it can move mountains. At least for me, they’re the strongest, most beautiful, trusting relationships I’ve ever had, and they are the ones that stand out in my mind way over any boyfriend I’ve ever had.”

She continued, “One of the constants in my life is that I’ve had a girl bestie, and we’re obsessed with each other, like super-codependent. It’s maybe unhealthy but still so much fun — laughter and tears, just very raw and authentic. You can’t really have that with a guy, at least I can’t. Maybe with a gay guy.”

As for what’s next, Fox summed up, “Ultimately my goal is to fade into obscurity and write scripts, develop movies, TV shows, maybe children’s books. I would like to be able to hole up somewhere and write at my leisure.”

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