According to Julia Roberts, her iconic sex worker character Vivian continued moving on up in the world long after the conclusion of the beloved 1990 rom-com “Pretty Woman.”

Roberts appeared on talk show “CBS Mornings” to promote the new thriller “Leave the World Behind” and was asked to speculate on the fate of some of her famous past characters after the credits rolled. For “Pretty Woman,” Roberts believes that Richard Gere’s character Edward most likely died “peacefully” and left his high-profile company to Vivian.

“I think he passed away peacefully in his sleep from a heart attack, smiling,” Roberts said. “And now she runs his business.”

“Pretty Woman” launched Roberts’ career by casting her as a Los Angeles sex worker hired by businessman Edward (Gere) to be his date for the duration of his business trip. Molly Ringwald revealed earlier this year that she turned down the role for its “icky” storyline.

During “CBS Mornings,” Roberts shared that she hopes co-star Gere’s “Runaway Bride” character finally gets his everlasting happily ever after with her character Maggie. She stars as the runaway bride who has ditched numerous fiancés at the altar; Gere plays a journalist who writes a feature on her commitment issues. As per every rom-com, they fall in love along the way.

“They stay together,” Roberts said. “He doesn’t die in this one. They’re going to stay together.”

Still in the realm of rom-coms, Roberts speculated that her “Notting Hill” character Anna is still wed to bookstore owner William, played by Hugh Grant. “She’s retired,” Roberts said of Anna’s high-profile acting career. “She has six children and has maintained her waist size, amazingly. He runs the bookshop still. And now there’s a little knitting annex to the bookshop that she runs.”

See more of Roberts’ past roles revisited below.

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