Maya Hawke is singing a different tune alongside dad Ethan Hawke.

The father-daughter duo, who recently collaborated on Flannery O’Connor biopic “Wildcat,” released track “We Don’t Run” together. Maya’s singer-songwriter career recently included 2022 album “Moss,” featuring a music video helmed by “Vox Lux” director Brady Corbet.

“Listen to my new song out now ‘We Don’t Run.’ A duet with Ethan Hawke,” Maya tweeted. “Produced by @chrisleehutton and mixed by @jaysomband. Thank you @lightintheattic for inviting me and my dad to cover one of our favorite Willie Nelson songs.”

Maya leads Ethan’s directorial effort “Wildcat,” which premiered at both Telluride and TIFF. Ethan co-wrote the film which stars Maya as Southern author O’Connor; Maya also executive produces along with stepmother Ryan Hawke and co-star Laura Linney. Cooper Hoffman additionally stars.

Maya explained to IndieWire that the years it took to make the film were key to fully embracing the role of O’Connor.

“I don’t know how I would’ve done this if I’d had the normal amount of time to prepare. If I’d had the two weeks to two days that is your normal window of preparation for a project, I don’t know if I could have done it. I spent so much time with this character,” Maya said. “It was never a biopic. It was always more of using the gift of her language, and her stories, and her intelligence, to express something that we felt about the creative process, and about looking for a way to have your creative process be connected to and in service of something bigger than you, and to self-actualize, in whatever way that means.”

She said of her father, “Oh, boy, this guy who I know really well has made some of my favorite movies about artists, ‘Blaze’ and ‘Seymour: An Introduction,’ and he’s really interested in the connection between spirituality and faith and art. I bet we would be a really good team to make this movie.”

Maya further told Entertainment Weekly that working with her father Ethan was a “great” experience, saying, “I hope to work with my dad my whole life. He’s my greatest teacher and my greatest adviser, and it’s an honor to get to work alongside him.”

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