Do you love movie-theater snacks at jacked-up concession-stand prices, but hate the actual experience of going to the movies? Cinemark has got the service for you. The movie-theater chain announced Tuesday, November 7 the expansion of its third-party delivery service and now brings concessions to your door via DoorDash, Grubhub, and Uber Eats.

Cinemark is the first major exhibitor to partner with all three of the delivery apps. At this writing, Cinemark lists only Texas locations as servicing this program, but a spokesperson confirmed that it will be available “across [Cinemark’s] domestic circuit.”

The menu options include popcorn, soft drinks, Icees, nachos, hot dogs, and candy like Sour Patch Kids, M&Ms, Junior Mints, and Reese’s Pieces, among others. We’re told prices will vary by location; we believe that means they’ll be somewhere between overpriced and overpriced as hell. For an address in Fort Worth, Texas, DoorDash lists a large popcorn, two large drinks, and two candies for $23.50, not including taxes and delivery fees. (Hey, running a movie theater is expensive.) And don’t forget to tip!

“Although there is nothing like indulging in your favorite movie theater concessions while watching great content in one of our immersive auditoriums, we are thrilled to now give fans across our markets the ability to have their favorite concessions delivered to their homes when they aren’t able to make it to the theater,” said David Haywood, Cinemark SVP of Food and Beverage, said in the press release. “The results of our initial multi-market testing corroborate that our guests crave Cinemark’s warm buttery popcorn, crisp cold drinks and delicious snacks from the comfort of their homes, and we are excited to expand our third-party delivery capability to more domestic theaters through the end of the year, just in time to add even more cheer to holiday gatherings.”

Just get a load of those Cinemark nachos. Yum?

Cinemark is not the only major movie-theater chain looking to expand from the concession stand to the home, adding another revenue stream when the box office alone isn’t cutting it. AMC Theatres, the largest exhibitor in the U.S., on February 28, 2023 announced it was bringing its movie popcorn, in microwaveable form, to Walmart stores. And then AMC CEO Adam Aron spent that afternoon’s earnings call gobbling down AMC Perfectly Popcorn instead of talking about the company’s lackluster quarter.

To be fair, it does come in three flavors.

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