This week on “Screen Talk”: a special guest! With newly named co-host Ryan Lattanzio out on a (very well-deserved) vacation, Anne Thompson is joined by IndieWire’s own Executive Editor, Film Kate Erbland (no stranger around these podcast parts) to wrap up the last days of the fall film festival season while also looking forward to the 2023 films we’ve still yet to see (yes, they do exist).

This year’s New York Film Festival wrapped this past weekend, and Thompson and Erbland trade notes on some of their favorites (like David Fincher’s late entry “The Killer”) and a few titles they disagree on (including Andrew Haigh’s “All of Us Strangers” and Todd Haynes’ “May December”), while also dissecting which films benefitted from showing off at yet another festival berth (like Bradley Cooper’s “Maestro” and Yorgos Lanthimos’ “Poor Things”).

Also on deck: what’s happening with the SAG-AFTRA strike, which hit a major impasse after things were seemingly moving along swimmingly after the conclusion of the writer’s strike, and Thompson’s take on the brand-new producers tasked with this year’s Oscars ceremony.

Watch the full episode above or listen to it below.

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