‘Sound Of My Voice’ Director Zal Batmanglij & Co-Writer/Star Brit Marling To Reteam For ‘The East’

We were over the moon for Zal Batmanglij and Brit Marling‘s “Sound of My Voice” at SXSW, a queasy, often haunting story of a couple attempting to exploit a creepy underground cult. The expectation was that director Batmanglij and co-writer/star Marling would respectively move in different directions, but the happy surprise is that both are reuniting on another project. We sat down with Batmanglij and Marling to discuss “Sound of My Voice” and they introduced us to “The East.”

“We wrote a script last year about anarchists,” says Batmanglij. “It’s called ‘The East.’ It’s about a group of anarchists and a woman who infiltrates the anarchists.” Added Marling, “It’s something we’re both fascinated by, the idea of changing your identity, changing the outside of yourself, in order to infiltrate something.”

Batmanglij continued, “We’re gonna make it this summer, by hook or by crook. It just depends on who gets to make it with us,” suggesting that casting is currently the priority.

We’re still unpacking the mysteries of “Sound of My Voice,” so if “The East” comes together, it would be one of our most anticipated movies for 2012.

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