Inception is one of Christopher Nolan’s three sacred works. Ten years ago, when I went into the cinema to see this film, I was still a psychological white. At that time, I was attracted by the fantastic ideas that broke through the sky, the amazing special effects and the complex and brain-burning plot. Then I turned over the film reviews and took the various detailed film reviews to solve the problem. Ten years later, as a middle-aged man who stepped into the door of clinical consultation, he was more moved when he went back to see this film.

I’m so guilty that you follow me like a shadow.

Leonardo’s character Cobb portrays some complicated characters in the film. When he came out, he looked like a middle-aged man. There was a deep vertical line between his eyebrows. At first glance, he was the man who had been thinking and playing brain all the year round. His occupation is a dream stealer leader who uses the dream stealer technology to steal trade secrets. When Cobb was young, he was a towering genius in the dream stealing industry. Unfortunately, he is now experiencing a mid-life crisis. His career is in crisis, and his life is even more fragile. Because of the death of his wife Mo Er, he became the suspect of killing his wife and was exiled overseas. He could not return home and could not see two young children for a long time.

I wanted to steal the business plan of Saito, a Japanese business tycoon, by using the dream stealing technology, and get a lot of money. Unfortunately, this industry is also extremely involved. There are dreams of theft, and there are also dreams of theft prevention. Saito is also not a vegetarian. He has already asked professionals to lay down layers of defense in their dreams. Of course, the industry genius Cobb naturally came prepared, and in his dream, he moved around, crossed the line of fire, and finally got the secret of Saito. Unfortunately, no matter how awesome the dream stealer technology is, it can’t escape the “evil spirit”. Cobb unexpectedly met his dead wife Morel in his business dream. Morel not only didn’t help him, but also caused trouble. He told Saito his whereabouts. In addition, Saito realized that someone had invaded his dream because of a mistake made by the team mate of the dream builder pig. The small group of dream thieves led by Cobb can only flee in a hurry, and the operation has failed!

The failure of this operation was a fatal blow to Cobb, who even thought of suicide for a moment. What’s the matter with him?

The real reason is that Cobb has deep guilt about his wife’s death!

Cobb and Moll used to be a couple of immortals. In order to give his wife the best things, Cobb used his talent to take Moll into a dream world, where he can meet all the wishes of Moll. But he found that it was too late when Mo Er didn’t want to leave the illusory world. His wife was deeply trapped and could not extricate herself. Cobb’s only way is to implant an idea of “everything is not true” into his wife. He can return to reality by committing suicide. However, despite his success in rescuing Mo Er from his dream, Mo Er who returned to the reality has been convinced that everything is not true, leading to his inability to accept the reality, and he has unlimited memories and feelings for the beautiful world.

How to go back? Only suicide! So Mo Er chose to commit suicide. Cobb lost his wife, but he could not accept her death. If I had known today, I would have given my wife the best world and the best gift, but the end was tragic!

Guilt has seized Cobb tightly, like a vine that tightly strangles his heart. Therefore, with the help of his superb dream making technology, he returned to his inner wife again and again, met her and connected with her. Unfortunately, this connection also locked him in the shackles of his heart, gradually losing the vitality of his life, and he could not put his energy into the real world.

Our dream is the condensation of emotion, and it is not the plot but the emotion that crosses the dream! Therefore, no matter how many layers of dreams you pass through, no matter how much the dream is modified, the mood in the dream remains unchanged.

However, Cobb’s “guilt” is always with him no matter how many layers of dreams he passes through. After his wife committed suicide, he was guilty; When stealing others’ secrets, he will succeed immediately. He is guilty; He is guilty of keeping his wife in the dungeon of memory; Her wife asked him to commit suicide with him, and complained that he had not fulfilled his promise to live together with himself. He was guilty; The child’s face can’t be seen in the dream, and he is guilty; The power of our emotions is even stronger than the power of gravity. As long as this emotion forms a powerful dominant emotional core, people will fall into the “magic way”, and constantly compulsive repetition, repetition, and unable to escape.

Cobb, are you free at last? Of course, commercial films always give people a perfect ending. Who helped him out? There is no other person, only yourself.

In fact, this is the great part of this film. He accepted his wife’s double death in the real world and the inner world, mourned her, and accepted what he had done. Finally, he did not have to live with guilt!

Dad, do you love me or not

Fisher is a rich second generation. His father is the head of an energy company. He is very rich. Like many rich second generation, Fisher never seems to meet his father’s standards. As a son, Fisher seems to have never been recognized and affirmed by his father. He always carries a picture of his father, him and the paper windmill, which is the residual memory of his father’s love for him in his heart.

His emotional core is “disappointment”, and the problem is to get his father’s approval and love!

In this case, he was unforgettable for his father. In reality, although his father had died, he was deeply upset that his father had not left him a word of approval before his death. He only remembered the two words his father said before he died – “disappointed”! Fisher’s understanding was that his father was disappointed that he could not reach the career peak he wanted, so his next goal was likely to continue to run the energy company as his father did, which was not Saito’s hope. Saito wants him to dissolve the company immediately. How easy is it to change a person’s idea?

The Cobb team did it! How did you do it? This process can be regarded as a classic case of the effect of psychological counseling!

Many people may wonder why psychological counseling can work? Is it possible to sit there and chat for a few days? Can you change the symptoms and adjust the mood of the visitors? Is it worth spending hundreds or even thousands of consulting fees?

First of all, we need to understand what psychological counselors, especially those with psychodynamic orientation, are doing with clients over and over again. To sum up, there are only three points:

Find the past through the present

Go back and understand the present

Reconstruct the past and change the future

In this film, changing Fisher’s concept is a process of repeating these three points.

When studying how to make Fisher propose the strategy of dissolving the energy company, Imus, the “disguiser” in the team, proposed an idea, “focus on the most basic thing of a person, his relationship with his father”, which is a typical psychoanalytic treatment idea, that is, to study the relationship between “a person and his father, his mother”. But the team found from the understanding of Fisher that she had been alienated from her father since childhood and was a left-behind child. The old Fisher not only did not take care of the children, but also always suppressed them, resulting in Fisher’s inferiority complex and depression (looking back to the past and understanding the present). What could we do if we could find too little information about their interaction and could not build a dream? As a result, the team found a replacement father of Little Fisher, “Godfather Browning”. So team member Imes, the “disguiser”, took the opportunity to contact Browning closely and mastered his behavior pattern and habits. In the first dream of the action, Imes incarnated as the godfather and completed the first “reconstruction of the past” with Fisher, letting Fisher know that his father loved him in his unique way, and told Fisher that his father actually left another will – “dissolution of the company”. In the process of passing through the last few dreams, Imes always firmly accompanied Fisher. Even though Fisher was shot to death by Mol, he also insisted on taking him through the fourth dream – the vault.

In this dream, Fisher was reunited with the old Fisher, and the “disappointment” was rewritten as “my disappointment is that you are afraid of becoming another me”. In addition, the expression of love that little Fisher cares about most – “windmill” was displayed in the safe. Fisher finally got the answer he wanted: “Father loves me and recognizes me.” He completed the reconciliation with his father and himself. So far, the reconstruction of the past has been successful, and the future has also been rewritten. Fisher needs not to tangle, just be himself, and Saito has also achieved his business purpose.

I would also like to say that the greatness of this film lies in it. It is a family film wrapped in commercial war film and science fiction film. A really great movie never only depends on the perception, but also the emotion that deeply touches the heart.

The journey of dream stealing is also Cobb and Fisher’s journey of redemption and dream fulfillment. May everyone have a chance to get out of the serial dream that plagues them.

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