Don’t blink. A huge mutant crocodile easily overturned the ferry. Hundreds of passengers on the ferry were immediately under the ferry and their lives were in danger. Such a huge mutant crocodile stands upright, equivalent to the height of a ten-story building. What happened? What makes such an extreme change happen to a small crocodile?Back to the beginning of the story, a scientist from the space station encountered an accident when returning to the earth with dangerous genetically modified drugs, which caused the spacecraft to decompose and explode, and the dangerous genetically modified drugs also scattered.

Let’s walk into the world of wild beasts together. What should happen is that dangerous GM drugs leaked after landing. Curiosity killed the wolf. The wolf was the first to bear the brunt. Then the crocodile drank a large amount of GM poison directly, and then the gorilla with albinism. It also accidentally inhaled a large amount of GM poison because of curiosity.

The matter did not attract enough attention from the scientists’ headquarters. Only a small team of five people with light fire was sent to the scene of the accident to shoot the mutant animals. While they were looking for prey, a huge mutant wolf suddenly appeared and took away one of its companions. The leader of the team was angry and shot at the giant wolf violently. However, the skin of the mutant wolf was thicker than the bulletproof sound. The leader of the team ran to the helicopter player, However, the heavy machine gun on the helicopter could not kill the mutant wolf. But it has angered this wild beast.

The mutant wolf came directly to a three-step jump, and jumped up high. I wonder, is this a flying wolf? The mutated giant wolf jumped directly onto the armed helicopter, tore and killed people directly, while the mutated giant wolf had jumped safely behind the leader of the team, and the five-man team was completely destroyed.

But the worse thing happened. Three mutated giants, the giant ape, the giant wolf, and the giant crocodile, were driven to a populous city by malicious people by some way of stimulating brain waves. The security department quickly dispatched several armed helicopters, but they were all killed by the giant ape and the giant wolf. A golden hair that passed by accidentally was very angry. It was not afraid of life and death. It shouted at the wolf. I went. Ben Wang escaped first, and the rest was left to you.

In the face of a heavy armed helicopter, this mutated giant wolf actually has a hidden weapon on its tail, which easily penetrates the shell of the heavy armed helicopter. How can we fight? There is also this armoured mutant giant crocodile. All kinds of heavy firepower, including rocket launchers, are used, but they can’t hurt it. The 10-storey giant crocodile can kill a group of people with only one claw.

These three invulnerable wild beasts are raging in the city. The most direct way to avoid further deterioration is to find an antidote that can restore the brain wave of the giant beast. This huge task, of course, can only be entrusted to the primate zoologist Davis played by Johnson.

Davis and his beautiful assistant were constantly searching for the antidote in the laboratory, and they finally found it, but they were caught seriously by the villains behind the scenes. Davis clearly knew that the villains could not let them go. He thought of a crazy way, which was also his only chance to live. He shouted to attract a giant ape, and then quickly stuffed the antidote into the villain’s bag and hid. In this way, the evil man suffered his own consequences, and the antidote went into the belly of the giant ape.

In this way, the brain wave control of the great ape was released, and the great ape returned to normal. The primate zoologist Davis used his experience to communicate with the giant ape, hoping that the giant ape could help mankind defeat the other two wild beasts. The giant ape actually understood, and not only agreed to Davis’s request, but also made a bully gesture with Davis, so one ape and one ape started a crazy fight with the giant wolf and the giant crocodile.

In the face of this huge crocodile, the giant ape did not want to be outdone. He directly clapped his chest and shouted. With a strong voice, the clown was himself. The crocodile also opened its blood basin and roared. It seemed that it was not easy to be offended. It was all coming. When the giant ape swung the steel bar, it was smashed, and the giant crocodile was directly smashed into the next building. Don’t forget that there is another giant wolf. The giant wolf does not speak martial arts, but directly attacks the giant ape from behind, and this giant wolf can fly, which is a bit difficult to kill.

In order to kill the giant wolf faster, Davis thought of a good way to let the giant wolf fly directly into the crocodile’s mouth with the blind area of vision. In this way, the giant wolf was bitten off its head by the crocodile and died suddenly on the spot.

Now there is only one crocodile left, but it is also the most difficult to deal with, because this crocodile directly drank a lot of GM venom, so its mutation is the most thorough and terrible, its body size is the largest, and its armor is the thickest. In the face of such a fierce crocodile, the giant ape also began to fall behind.

At this time, the giant ape’s leg was bitten by the crocodile. At the critical moment, Davis threw the bomb into the crocodile’s gill, only heard a bang explosion, and the furious giant crocodile not only did not die, but also was directly angered. The giant crocodile directly killed Davis, forcing Davis into a desperate situation. Poor Davis was about to be eaten by the crocodile cruelly. It was unexpected that the injured giant ape jumped up at the time of another thousand troops, Insert a sharp steel bar directly into the alligator’s head from the eye.

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