There is a pair of lovers in “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.” who are envious and distressed, that is, the scientific duo, Fitzsimmons. They have gone through a lot of hardships from working partners to lovers, but they have never given up the pursuit of love.

In the first season, the two were the best partners. You know all my thoughts, and you don’t know how to explain some words. But, really, you can always open your mouth and say what’s in my heart. At the beginning, Fitz was a shy big boy. He always hesitated and couldn’t explain clearly. He always looked dumb and didn’t know how to explain to Corson and Ward, but Simmons always expressed Fitz’s words accurately. Two people can always find a lot of fun in their work. They help Ward make a freezing gun and test the material evidence left by various cases. Fitz can always make all kinds of strange gadgets in his work. The two people also occasionally tease each other that they are doctors. The longer we get along, we will appreciate more and more. Fitz’s affection for Simmons is no longer a simple friendship. When he has the courage to say it, Simmons is not ready.

After Ward jumped back before, Ward was ordered to kill Fitz and Simmons, but he did not shoot, Ward must not be able to do it. How could his teammate who had shared weal and woe hurt the killer? Ward’s last kindness was to throw Fitz and Simmons in the isolation cabin into the sea. The two men discussed the countermeasures at the bottom of the sea, but the oxygen in the isolation cabin can only survive for one person. It is difficult to make the choice between two. They gave up their lives to save each other or died together. They didn’t think well at first. At the end, Fitz chose Simmons. If we can live, we must be together. If I leave unfortunately, you should also believe that I have loved you without regret, even if I lost my life. Both of them finally survived, but Fitz was no longer the smart doctor because of lack of oxygen in his brain, but his love did not decrease at all. The final result is of course good. With Simmons’ company, Fitz has become the smart doctor who can cooperate with Simmons. As long as he is around Simmons, Fitz can always become better.

When Simmons was sucked into an unknown universe by a big stone, the courage that supported Simmons to survive was Fitz, the person who waited for her to go back to dinner, the person who changed her mobile phone into an ultra-long standby for fear of danger, the person who had not answered after the confession, and Fitz. After Simmons disappeared, the saddest person was Fitz. He hadn’t waited for her answer. He didn’t know how to express himself and love. Fitz kept himself in the laboratory all day, facing the big stone that sucked Simmons, blaming himself, being at a loss, trying to save her, and even hoping that it was himself, not her, who suffered there. Finally, one day, he untied the secret. He knew how to get to the place where she was. He had no scruples and no fear to go there. For one thing, he didn’t know where it would be, what kind of environment it would be, and whether Simmons would be there, but he wanted to try. Even if he couldn’t meet her, he would go. He couldn’t leave her there alone, in a deserted and strange place without him, without friends.

When he came to the planet he never knew, Fitz was also helpless. He was thin and weak, and did not have much fighting ability. He did not even know that the Simmons he wanted to meet was here. But he came and finally found her, only to find that she had fallen in love with someone else. An astronaut named Weir came here many years ago on a mission, and was the only survivor. Fitz must be very sad. He did not know what to say, As long as Simmons is alive, it doesn’t matter. He is also glad that Simmons met him and met someone who made her live. Fitz’s love for Simmons can really tolerate everything. When Simmons asked him to bring Will back, he nodded solemnly. Even if you love someone else now, I will try my best to love you. There is no way, Fitz loves you too deeply.

Love is to be with you affectionately, to be around you, to be willing to be reckless. Fitz’s love for Simmons can span life and death and the universe. Because of you, all decisions are worth it. Because of you, all efforts are worth it.

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