The film begins with a beautiful encounter between the captain and the falcon (at least I think so, the state enters a little slowly and I don’t listen carefully at the beginning). Like the happy line behind the dark clouds, the two people meet and meet while running. Then the camera opened, and suddenly found the Washington Monument. I kept thinking back to the scene when Professor X and Magneto sat on the steps and talked about ideals and life at the monument… This is really a good place for good friends to talk about love.

Then duty call, the US team left Kiyou and got into the car of the goddess Black Widow… It’s needless to say how the captain in the back played handsome.

Let’s not talk about many of the stories in the middle. They will not be spoilt. In short, the climax is continuous and the whole process is energetic.

He met his old lover peggy in the middle, and the sentence “you still own me a dance” was heartbreaking.

Oh, yes, he kissed my sister once by the way.

I want to say why I like Captain America so much.

In fact, I met him very late. When I saw the Avengers Alliance, I just thought that he was a funny old man with no outstanding ability. Why is he captain. After slowly watching his films and cartoons, I slowly admired him. Many people say that his spirit is a little old-fashioned and a little vulgar. I want to say that sometimes we just need some vulgar. I have always liked the beginning of Captain America. He is small, but he will never give in. Even if he breaks the law, he will join the army and serve his country. I always remember the reason why he was chosen to be a super soldier. When all the people fled to save their lives, he was the only one willing to sacrifice his life to protect the fast-exploding grenade and ensure the safety of others. Not to mention in the cartoon, he and Spiderman are my favorite two. They may not be the strongest, they will also be injured and afraid, but they will never give up, nor will they give up anyone, including the enemy. Countless times, we can see him sacrifice his life to save the enemy’s life. He can calm down the furious Green Giant, let all mankind listen to him, and let his enemies unite with him, just because everyone believes in him unconditionally.

Next, let’s talk about the most important character in this film… Winter Warrior.

He and he were childhood friends, grew up together, joined the army… At the beginning, he always protected him like a big brother, until he became the captain of the United States, and went deep into the enemy camp to save him, he began to follow. They fight together to upgrade the task brush copy, but on the last way to the boss, he unfortunately fell off the cliff, and he can only watch. He finally followed him and plunged into the sea of the Arctic Ocean.

Unfortunately, the sky is against people’s wishes. He woke up 70 years later and found that everything around him was so strange. He, she, and they were all gone. But he was found by the Nazi organization, brainwashed, transformed, and refrigerated. In this way, he also spent 70 years in the process of sleeping and taking out tasks.

Finally, they met. He finally took off his mask and recognized him, but he was so mad that he even forgot his name. I don’t know how much he remembered later, but it was the meeting that finally aroused some old feelings. Since then, his task has become to arouse his memory.

At the end of the film, they were destined to meet on the aircraft carrier. He said, “Don’t make me do this”, but he still said proudly, “I don’t know you!” He cried in his heart while fighting with him. There was no way. As a soldier, he still had his own task.

Finally, he was willing to use his life to believe in his best side until the last moment, and he also thanked him for saving his life.

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