This year, Marvel (including the cooperation with Sony), DC and Fox’s super English films have been satisfactory so far (we don’t know what JL will do). Each has its own merits and merits. What I think is most prominent in this film:1. It is indeed the most outstanding one in Thor’s trilogy. In addition, it can be said that the transition from beginning to end is the most smooth and best in the universe of Marvel movies. Other movies have more or less the anxiety of beating bad people in the form of walking in the dark, but this one will feel that time passes quickly. I think it’s because the jokes in it are very friendly to Marvel fans or ordinary passers-by.

As we all know, there must be jokes in Marvel’s films, which must be funny and make people feel FUN. But for example, this year’s Gotg2 or Spider-Man, some jokes are European and American jokes, especially English or European and American film culture, which are not friendly to our non-European and American audiences.

I believe that some people find it very boring after hearing that funny people enter the arena, and will not laugh because there is no resonance (for example, the friend of Spider-Man dropped the death star model, which I know is very expensive. It is very important for European and American foreigners who believe in Star Wars, and they may feel “oh! Shit!” nervous. But we who are not addicted to Star Wars may feel nothing great). The jokes of Thor 3 are mainly based on the contrast of the pictures, similar to the comedy routine commonly used in the movie of Star Master – using the contrast between the fantasy/or the situation expected by the audience and the reality, as well as the jokes with connotation (especially the Marvel fans, who will understand after watching the Avengers Alliance 1, 2 and Thor 2).

2. The OST soundtrack is the most obvious and meaningful one in these ten books, especially the AAA song that spent a lot of money to buy the copyright! The matching picture is too hot!

3. The tangle between Torr and the Rocky brothers runs through the trilogy. Please pay attention to one point in this film, which is the action that Torr has been doing to Rocky. There is an interaction between the two sides. The director is really powerful. From this plot, we can see that at the beginning, it may be just a laughing point, but it will gradually become a repetitive laughing point (but it is still funny), but at the last time, two people will have a dialogue for each action, and the whole realm will be sublimated.

4. There are two end credits. The first “may” is very important for the next movie. The second one is similar to the second one in Spider-Man. So you decide whether to stay.

5。 Each of the main characters in the play is very good. It is really good. It will shine. Some people may like Hela. Her majesty not only holds the shape, but also the most important part of the lines that are actually very good at thinking. She speaks with style~

6. Finally get to Hulk’s starting point. I used to think he only smashes! smash! smash!, But it’s really cute after talking. He has self-consciousness, knows how he exists in the eyes of others, has needs and personality;

7. In the same way, Banner feels like he will fall down at a push. He speaks softly and seems not to wake up. He is a bit slow. He feels like a good old man. The interaction with Thor is really fun!

8. Torr played really well. Comedy talent 100 points! When he makes mistakes, you feel funny but don’t think he is stupid. You will applaud him and think he is a hero. This is what I like about Marvel. In fact, his hero has done a lot of stupid things and said a lot of things that others would be arrogant and arrogant, but because he is speaking Torr, you will feel amiable and trustworthy.

9. Rocky Needless to say. Like someone said, he hasn’t changed. If you like him for the first time, you will like him better.

If you want a word of recommendation, it will be very happy to watch the movie.

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