start“I am Iron Man.”(“I’m Iron Man.”)“Proof that Tony Stark has a heart.”(“Tony Stark has a warm heart.”)With the emergence of two slightly sad English sentences, the Avengers Alliance 4 came to an end. And heroes have also entered the end of their lives.1、 The end of the hero, return to life safelyHeroes in the movie, either gifted, or super capable, or rich and talented inventors, all start from life, and are the subjective imagination of the objective world of people who are limited by reality, under the circumstances that reality is difficult to change.

Heroes originate from life.

People marveled at the power of thundering and thunder, and then imagined that there was a god of heaven who could summon thunders after the dark clouds, so Thor, the god of thunder, came into being at the historic moment;

People hate the evil fascist war that took their lives, so they will yearn for a nearly invincible super soldier with strength, speed, endurance, and so on, who can gallop on the battlefield and defend peace, so the US captain Rogers was born at the historic moment;

People hate the terrorist forces of killing creatures and harming the chaotic world, so they will yearn for a genius inventor who can weld steel and iron bones, hang them on his body, and fly to the area where evil is rampant at any time. So, the Iron Man Tony Stark came into being.

Therefore, the end of heroes is to return to life.

Heroes should bleed without tears.

However, Iron Man, when he is dead and can’t get through to his wife’s phone, will shed tears at the photo of his beloved wife, Xiaochili, and then close his eyes sadly and accept the incomplete death.

However, the captain of the United States, who is brave and tenacious on the battlefield, will hold the coffin and cry bitterly at the funeral of the martyred comrades-in-arms, and will take the gray old photos of the missing lover, Agent Carter, and inject a look of bitter yearning.

However, Thor, a serious and resolute man, will try to reverse the time to save his mother when he crosses the past and meets his mother who has already passed away. He will hug his mother’s warm body, cry like a child, and shout out the words “I love you, mother” that can’t be told

A hero should be a person who loves life.

Iron Man will record the video in advance and say to his beloved daughter Morgan, “I love you three thousand times.”.

Captain America, after escorting the jewel back to the past, chose to dance a perfect dance with the missing lover, chose to grow old and spend the rest of his life safely.

Thor, after the fierce battle, removed his crown, appointed a reliable new king, and chose to travel in the Milky Way with the Galactic Guard to relieve the fatigue of the body and mind for thousands of years.

2、 Marvel, human universe

Are heroes all selfless and fearless?


At least Marvel’s heroes are not all.

All the heroes under Marvel are full of human nature.

When New York fought against the evil god Rocky, Iron Man threw the nuclear bomb into the wormhole with all his strength. When he learned that the energy was exhausted and was about to fall, his first thought was to call his beloved wife; When he learned that the phone could not be dialed and that he could not say goodbye, he shed tears and was extremely sad. Then close your eyes and accept death.

After the defeat of the Great War, Iron Man wanted to spend the rest of his life with his daughter and never ask about the world. When the captain of the United States invited him to reverse history, he repeatedly refused with the safety of his family and hesitated, almost like a selfish, cowardly, timid, indecisive middle-aged uncle.

When crossing the border to seize the gem in 1970, the American captain accidentally entered the office of his lover Carter while evading the patrol. At that time, Carter was already a director. He was too busy to look around. Unexpectedly, the captain of the United States was looking out of the office window at the man who had no chance to be with him for life. At that time, the captain of the United States wanted to skip the task and dance with her.

When Thor returned to the past to look for the gem and learned that his mother would die unexpectedly at that moment. I once thought about telling my mother when the accident would come; I wanted to hug my mother’s great body. He would cry and cry like a child in front of his mother.

Yes, they are heroes. But they are also human beings, a man of flesh and blood. If you are human, you will have human nature.

They have thought about selfishness, avoidance and disillusionment several times. But they didn’t. The greater the ability, the greater the responsibility, and they choose to be responsible. This is their value. This is also the reason why they become heroes.

Just think, how can a hero who has extraordinary ability, but is like ordinary people, who cares about personal affairs, has an imperfect personality but is real, and makes people feel like themselves? How can it not attract attention and love?

This is also the reason why I think Marvel is the human universe – heroes, also from mortals; Heroes also have human nature. This is also where Marvel heroes are loved. We can see our own shadow from heroes.

3、 Iron Man, Iron Shoulder

My favorite hero is Iron Man.

He is a billionaire, but he is capable, arrogant, but highly intelligent, and as an arms manufacturer, he chooses to defend peace

Occasionally playing handsome, humorous, loving his wife and daughter

Countless pronouns make me love this iron knight. But what makes me love him most is his responsibility.

After watching all the films of Iron Man, you can find that Iron Man only laughed once in his combat helmet. At that time, he had just invented Mark 3 War A, and after trying it on and flying to the sky, he cheered and felt incredible and wonderful. That smiling face is due to his interest.

But after that time, he never laughed again. Because he was responsible for the subsequent flight. He had to use his own ability and kindness to fly everywhere, brave the enemy camp and save lives. Every time he flew, he would consider whether he did his duty. His heart became heavy and serious. He never laughed in his helmet again.

Responsibility is the key factor for Iron Man to become my beloved. The Iron Knight bears the responsibility.


With the end of the Avengers League 4, the Marvel movie also entered the fourth stage, and the previously exciting heroes such as the United States Iron Man and Thor also came to the end and returned to life. With the end of the film, the heroic dream of youth also sank into the minds of film fans and disappeared in the endless reality. Fans also grow up, grow up, step into the society and face the reality

No regrets in this life

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