In fact, it is more appropriate to define this film as a youth campus drama. It is adapted from the novel Simon and His Diary of Misconduct. It tells the story of a 17-year-old boy who is about to graduate from high school and bravely pursues his love. Everyone has finally found his inner destination. Nobody cares whether he is gay or not, but whether he can find love. In other words, this film breaks the traditional LGBT film that focuses on the love and hate between the same sex, and makes such a film warm and interesting. Because their world is not so different.

Interestingly, although this is a film with the theme of same-sex, what it expresses is not limited to same-sex. Perhaps this is the reason why it is known as the “landmark movie”.

Simon lives in a warm and relaxed family environment, which doomed him to be unable to open his mouth and break the original harmony of the family. He wanted to continue to be the object of his mother’s teasing, his father’s capable helper, and his sister’s good brother. He was unable to take the initiative to speak out from the beginning to the end, mostly because of family reasons; Simon’s childhood sweetheart, Liya, is clearly beautiful enough, but she is quiet and reserved. She refuses other people’s invitations at parties time and time again. She secretly loves Simon, but never dare to say it; Considerate Nick remembered that Abby and coffee like milk, and couldn’t help praising her beauty when she was dressed on Halloween. He mustered up 10000 courage to confess, and turned his grief and anger into his appetite after hearing that Abby had a boyfriend; When everyone thinks that she is cool and confident, only she knows how low she is because of family reasons. If she is afraid of love, she will hide and yearn for love.

Everyone is the same. Everyone dare not face the world and show their true self.

“In case the world doesn’t like you as you are, pretend to them.”

But love is love.

So at the end of the day, Nick and Abby come together. Leia finally confides her true feelings to Simon. Simon finally waits for his blue.

But the little thing of coming out should not be so sad and heavy. Only when homosexuality and heterosexuality are regarded as the same, and when the word “coming out” disappears, can these things become normal. Just like in the movie, only the heterosexuals who jump and cut need to come out and hang rainbow flags on the playground are ideal for the future. His parents and sister’s understanding and support for him is also repeatedly mentioned as “I am me”. This movie teaches us not how to come out, but how to love.

Simon told the secret for the first time when he smiled at his more relaxed friend Abby’s side face with a faint light; The second time she told the secret was to her mother. She tried her best to make Simon sure that she was loved. The sensational music made a lot of tears. The third time was for the father. The unspoken love and unspoken encouragement were all integrated into the last hug.

It is love that makes this gay film avoid falling into the conventional tragic ending. It is the first time in all mainstream blockbusters that the love between the same sex is so easy and universal, and it can bear the title of milestone.

But in fact, its warmth can’t be replaced by its flaw. As a commercial film, it is too eager to please the mainstream public, and even the people who have lost the real edges and corners of this group and made that despicable behavior should stand in the majority in life. This doomed that it is not on the same channel as “Brokeback Mountain” and “Please Call Me in Your Name”, but more close to “Breakfast Club”. However, Elio’s long talk with his father all night, the family’s understanding and respect for Simon, and the revival of the old relationship between Jack and Leahy after more than 20 years of separation make me dare to assert that no matter whether a gay film is accepted by the public or not, the core of love, longing for love, understanding love and respecting love will remain intact, because that is love.

Love is the greatest and most incredible thing in the world. It makes people shrink back, and it also makes people strong and desperate. At the same time, it also gives them hope, joy and worry.

In this world, there are still too many prejudices against non-mainstream things. Just like the winner of the silver medal of the American Winter Olympics, he said that he always felt that he had to perform very well and let others be blameless, and only dared to disclose his sexuality. It seems that in more times, only those who have the aura of elite are qualified to be gay.

Because you haven’t seen two boys sitting on the ferris wheel kissing, two shirts put together, and two loving souls kissing by the lake.

All the beautiful people in the world are worth a magnificent love, and all the beautiful love in the world is worth shining in the sun.

Love you, Simon.

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