It’s fine at home on weekends. Why not watch meaningful movies? Today I would like to recommend a great movie – “Beautiful Mind”The story tells the story of John Forbes Nash, a mathematician suffering from schizophrenia, who worked hard in the field of game theory and differential geometry, and finally won the Nobel Prize in economics. The film won the 74th Academy Awards in 2002. Director Ron Howard presented Nash’s story in a warm and moving way to the public, which made more people sigh and sigh for this legendary genius. The film has a strong artistic atmosphere, and the whole film is really a visual enjoyment!

The beginning of the film is a party between Nash and his classmates. He has always had a genius and is unwilling to communicate with others. He disdains to communicate with others, and goes to class late. He only concentrates on his theoretical creation.

After he graduated from his doctor’s degree at the age of 21, his doctoral thesis on non-cooperation and other relevant materials established his status as a master of game theory. At the age of 24, he taught at MIT and met Alicia, the most important person in his life.

Due to his remarkable achievements, he was selected by Fortune magazine as the most outstanding figure among the talented mathematicians active in both pure mathematics and applied mathematics at the beginning of the 20th century. But at his peak, he suffered from schizophrenia.

The once brilliant genius has become a raving and crazy weirdo all day long. The sweet and enviable love between him and Alicia has become the past of others. However, the graduate of the Department of Physics of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology helped Nash survive the treatment of the disease and built a warm home for him with a steel-like will.

When someone asked Alicia if she still loved Nash, she said, “When you pay attention to him, think of him as the prince charming in my heart. Gradually, he changed and became the person I love deeply, and I also became the person who loves him deeply.”

With the help of Alicia, Nash’s mental illness gradually improved, and he began to teach at Princeton University. One day, someone came to Nash for the Nobel Prize. Because he was suffering from schizophrenia, the relevant personnel were afraid that he could not speak on the stage. After some discussion, Nash finally walked onto the Nobel Prize podium in December 1994.

“Beautiful Mind” I think it’s not only to praise Nash, but also to praise Alicia, a strong and brave woman, and many good people who have helped Nash. Alicia won the respect of others and guarded her love with her charm, Finally, let Nash say in the award speech: “My exploration made me go back and forth from the physical to the metaphysical, and finally to paranoia. I have made a major breakthrough in my career, and I have found the most important person in my life. Only in this mysterious equation of love can I find the logic and reason. It is all your credit that I can stand here tonight. You are the factor and the only factor for my success. Thank you!”

Nash is lucky, such love is enviable, and such ten years of daily protection is moving. We also want to thank Director Lang for showing us such a touching film and seeing such a legendary life of a genius. Here, Jennifer’s beauty is really super love!! Super recommended!!

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