“Away from the hustle and bustle”, I still remember a film that our English teacher strongly recommended us to watch in the third year of senior high school. Whether it is the story or the background, or the acting skills of the heroes and heroines, I am deeply attracted. This film has a strong sense of substitution.This film mainly focuses on the feelings of the woman and the three men. The heroine in the film is lively, independent and confident. The most important thing is her natural “wild”. She is a maverick and doesn’t want to see the life at a glance. She longs for freedom, likes passion and challenge, and is restless. I hope my future husband can tame her.

The first man she met in her life, and the man who accompanied him to the end, was Oak, a kind, calm, down-to-earth and industrious farm owner. It is because Oak’s straightforward and simple character makes the hostess feel too ordinary and even boring. She finally rejected Oak’s proposal.

The second man he met was the “past man” with emotional experience. She attracted him, got his selfless love and dedication regardless of cost. However, he was finally “abandoned” by her. It was when she met the attractive, romantic and overbearing Troy sergeant that she felt that she had found the person who could tame her. They got married in a hurry, and the result was just as you guessed. Troy is a man of good looks.

The heroine seems to become mature after experiencing this relationship. Oak, the dull and simple man has always been with her. The mistress finally understood that the true love was neither her respect for the second man, Bodwood, nor her momentary obsession with Troy. The love she wants is a state of mutual understanding, companionship and occasional friction, but being able to stay together. The other side can still get along well after understanding their shortcomings. The sense of belonging and security become the twisted belt to maintain the relationship between the two. One side becomes the mirror of the other, and they continue to grow by recognizing themselves in the mirror.

I like this movie because I think it has certain practical significance. Oak, Bodywood and Troy are representatives of three kinds of men in real life. In our lifetime love, we will probably make a choice between these three men!

An honest man who is dull and not good at words, and a mature and stable uncle who has a story, are the people who have both beautiful skin bags and can talk well. Most of us are trapped in the first impression. Infatuated with the short romance and passion, and trapped in some sweet words. Maybe love is not a noun of luxury and passion, but a pronoun of experience! How many vows and sweet words can not stand the test of reality, and time will leave the best. Of course, not everyone can be as infatuated as Oak, and always follow and protect the mistress.

The heroine of Away from the Crowd finally understands what love is after experiencing the test of time. The hero, Oak, sticks to her original intention and finally gains love. Maybe time will really prove everything, and we can see the hearts of the people over time. True love will not fade with the time. The years accumulate those beautiful things to interpret love. Time will leave the best!

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