In June, “Kill Munich” was just released. At that time, the villagers asked me to go to the cinema, but I didn’t go because of the final exam.Today, I suddenly wanted to see a movie, so I ordered “Kill Munich”.The film tells about the appointment of an unknown basketball coach by the Soviet Basketball Association in 1972 to train the national basketball team. At the beginning of his term of office, the basketball coach threatened to beat the United States team, which had a record of total victory for 36 years. At first, no one believed him, but he made the players believe in him with the utmost altruistic sincerity and excellent methods. In the basketball final of the Munich Olympic Games, the former Soviet Union basketball team defeated the United States team, which has maintained a 36-year record of total victory. In the first three seconds after the final, the United States took the lead by one point. The United States team has begun to celebrate the victory of the game in advance, because they believe that the result of the game is final. However, in the last three seconds, the result of the game reversed and the whole history of basketball changed.

In the film, I saw the team members’ intense training and intense competition.

When I think back to real life, I am filled with emotion.

After playing basketball for more than ten years, I have a new understanding of basketball.

Compared with this group of professional players of the national team, our daily ball game is simply a group of magic.

It is also more clear that playing basketball well is not a matter of day and night. It is the result of continuous shooting training, continuous strength training and continuous tactical analysis.

Before that, my understanding of basketball and volleyball matches is that team matches must be united, cooperate with each other, test psychological quality, fight physical strength and fight endurance.

It wasn’t until I saw the movie that I found that basketball game was really a competitive game.

In the film, when the Soviet Union team led the United States team, the coach of the United States team always reminded the United States team that this is a confrontational game and requires strength.

As a result, the United States team played less and less cleanly, but there was no foul.

They injured the players of the Soviet team time and time again, and tried to provoke the other side to make the other side foul.

In our normal games, although we may get injured, the hostility and gunpowder smell are far from that level.

In my college basketball game for three years, I was injured every year. My knee was injured and my hand was injured.

At that time, I once thought I was not suitable to touch basketball and volleyball.

Especially when my hand injury affected my daily life, I also thought that I would never touch basketball and volleyball again.

But because of love, sometimes I still touch it from time to time, and I will continue to get hurt.

But when I saw the movie, I was shocked that those players’ efforts were far more than our efforts. They fell and climbed up, and when they were injured, they could not bear the pain, so they forced painkillers, just like a football that was not afraid to touch, crawl and roll.

I think this shows that when we lack experience and experience, we think that a little frustration and obstruction is caused by our unfitness to do something, so we give up easily.

But when our experience grows, we suddenly realize that doing anything well, especially what we like and love, requires a great price. A little frustration and obstruction are just ants in the way.

At the same time, this movie made me understand that what the coach said was really reasonable. Nothing is immortal. Although the United States team has a 36-year record of total victory, it does not mean that they cannot be replaced and defeated.

However, in the face of such a strong opponent, the team members need to overcome their fear and build up their confidence to win.

The records of the past represent only the past and history, but history cannot replace the future.

History is a foregone conclusion. It is a dead end.

The future is a living situation with unlimited possibilities. It is our expectation that we can create possible opportunities.

The cruelty of sports competitions is that many times not only test your skills, but also test your mentality and psychological quality.

You have to be strong enough to cope with high pressure and play normally under high pressure.

In fact, not only sports competitions, but also all aspects of life require us to have excellent strength and strong psychological quality.

Failure in any aspect may result in failure.

It seems that in the last three seconds, every player’s mentality cannot collapse. Once it collapses, the victory will be given to the other side in vain.

I remember that in the volleyball match this year, our women’s volleyball team and men’s volleyball team missed the championship because of the difference of one goal.

Are we not strong enough? No, our psychological quality is not good.

When faced with a goal to win or lose, we all felt great pressure, as if the air was condensed and suffocating.

What I recognize most in the film is the sportsmanship it conveys: never give up until the last second, because no one can predict the result, and everything is possible to live, so I will try my best even for one second.

Really, super love is not only in sports competitions, but also in ordinary times.

For me, I will go all out in every game until the game is officially over.

Because such sportsmanship has long been rooted in my heart.

Now, I am also trying to apply it to all aspects of life.

I think the Soviet team won the game because they had a very good coach to help them overcome their fear, help them solve their life problems, help them find a sense of belonging in the team, and help them find the meaning of the game.

The coach achieved the utmost altruism, so he succeeded. This is a living case in which we must achieve the utmost altruism before we can succeed.

The film taught me a very rich lesson in the form of a textbook.

This is a movie that is not afraid of pride for 10 points. This is a movie that must be watched at least three times. This is a movie that makes people excited.

I think it should be highly recommended, especially those who love basketball.

And the kids who often play ball games will have a deeper understanding when watching this movie.

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