I like to watch love movies recently. I may have been single for some time and want to find some love hope; It may be to look at others’ sadistic love to find some balance, or to find resonance in it to revisit the past love dream, which is not good, but it is interesting to find that everyone always likes to replace himself when reading others’ love stories.This is like the way we treat love. In fact, many times we love a person, but also love a dream.

Today I recommend an American love movie: One Day.

Annie Hathaway, together with the British handsome Jim Sturges, staged a wonderful love affair that had been entangled in her life.

Before watching the film, the author looked at it with questioning and curiosity. Just after watching it, he found that he had seen it a long time ago but forgot it. Fortunately, there are still some interesting points in the film

You can see that time will change many things, and also change our mood when we watch the same movie.

Like their stories, time has become the biggest magician and changed their love attitude.

This is not so much a love story, a story of a literary and artistic female spare tire falling in love with an amorous and unruly handsome man, as a story about time infecting emotions and changing individuals.

Anne Hathaway plays Emma, a salary-class girl, while Jim Sturges is a handsome guy with a good family, Dexte. They grow up in different environments and have different personalities.

Emma, a self-confident good girl, showed her the difficult side of life too early, which made her form a cautious character.

Dexte is different. He is handsome, confident and free. He can easily get everything he wants, and naturally indulge in human indulgence.

Because of an unsuccessful case of rolling sheets, they took a walk and communicated with each other On the contrary, there was a “almost” beautiful memory, which made them keep in touch in the future.

After that, their life paths were totally different, but what remained unchanged was that they kept the relationship of “friends” and always appeared in each other’s world.

In fact, Emma had loved Dexte for a long time, and she just wanted to be a friend. Dexte also liked Emma in getting along, but their relationship was very harmonious and comfortable. When she was sad, she was his most trusted harbor. When he was together, he would also be moved, but he knew that she wanted a stable life, but he still did not want to stop, did not want to give up the exploration of more possibilities of life. In short, he did not love so much, So he will not give up his passionate life for her.

Emma, also aware of the unequal relationship between the two people, tried to give up her inner paranoid fantasy, change her career and make different boyfriends, until she became a successful writer.

Maybe she has never met a man better than Dexte and more worthy of her love. Her heart’s desire and regret are still lingering. She even enjoys the happiness brought by her closed emotional life.

Dexter, get married, divorce, have a high career, enjoy life, and live like a walking corpse.

After enjoying the beauty and emptiness of passion, experiencing prosperity and trying to be down, Dexter at that time wanted a sincere and stable relationship in his heart, which reminded him of Emma’s good. After all, he had nothing and only one.

Disappointed Dexter found a successful Emma. Emma still couldn’t refuse the man and chose the yearning she had struggled for a long time.

In fact, Emma’s love seems great, because of the reversal of relationship and identity, she has the initiative to give this love, and she really chose to tolerate and continue to love this man. In fact, there is no selfish desire around. For a long time, she has loved this man who cannot be expected, and has refined and beautified him in her heart day by day. Even when facing him who is completely different from the past, she still happily accepts him, just to satisfy the so-called love shadow in her heart.

In a sense, Dexter not only plays the role of love fantasy, but also helps Emma maintain emotional balance in the face of ordinary love. After all, he is the last reason and excuse.

Of course, Emma loves Dexter, and is more persistent than many people, but it doesn’t rule out the influence of the selfishness of beautifying love.

However, Emma can always indulge in her love goal and pursue her dream of love all her life.

Why do we like love movies? Even if some love movies are about dog blood, abuse, heart abuse, and inexplicable, we can choose inclusive forgiveness, because we often like to put ourselves into it.

We like to find resonance, to relive the beauty and pain, like telling ourselves that we have all these beautiful and exciting things, and maybe we can have them again, so it’s not bad only if we can find a little resonance in the film.

People like illusion and falsehood. As long as these illusions and falsehoods are beautiful, they can bring happiness.

People are selfish. Everyone needs a reason and goal to make themselves happier, and love is the most perfect and special one.

There are selfish parts between Emma and Dexte. They are only moving because they know each other and light up part of their lives inadvertently.

Don’t try to force the so-called soul mate. Life is lonely. Everyone has his own growth path and ideas. He wants to have a soul that matches you to meet your spiritual narcissism. The hope is slim. Maybe you really meet this challenge. It’s hard to say if you can bear the challenge with great difficulty coefficient! It’s better to reduce some unnecessary nonsense and obsession.

In fact, in the vast sea of people, one person who is struggling to find another person just wants to have more warmth and confidence to resist the boring and boring days together. If there is something called love during this period, it will be more perfect.

The most touching thing in the film is that Emma’s ex-boyfriend Rafe said to Dexter in the coffee shop after Emma’s death: I once thought you were not worthy of him, but she made you a decent person, and you made her very happy. When she was with you, her face was full of light, which I couldn’t give her.

For Rafe, it sounds a bit cruel and sour. In fact, for him, it is a release and relief, a tolerance for people who have loved and another level of love.

Although Emma doesn’t love him so much, Yu Rafe has no regrets. After all, he has really combined with the people he loves and tried to share with each other, but it’s just not successful. But how can he say that he is unhappy?

Love is a personal feeling. Like Emma’s lifelong persistence, it is a rare kind of luck.

Like Rafe, it is not a kind of freedom and happiness.

Tomorrow is unpredictable, so it is so exciting and full of hope.

So, no matter how sad and depressed you are today, please continue to live patiently and calmly.

More importantly, please grasp today, don’t always fantasize about your soul mate, but really find a person who is willing to talk with you, know each other and stay with you, feel the insipidity and richness of life together, enrich and enrich each other’s soul together, and perhaps get close to the soul fit!

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