Being Jane: Passing by all kinds of people, my heart is still pure

No matter what you have experienced, don’t forget why you started. Always reflect on yourself, not affected by complicated people and things, still pure in heart, still believe in beauty and work hard for it.My favorite woman is Jane Austen, an English novelist. Her representative works include Pride and Prejudice, Sense and Sensibility, etc.Becoming Jane Austen is her biographical work. Played by Annie Hathaway. “Becoming Jane” describes her life in a biographical way: her mother tried to match her marriage, targeting the rich in the upper class. But Jane doesn’t accept marriage without love, and believes that women should rely on their own ability to support themselves. Therefore, she refused the proposal of the noble Mr. Vasley and fell in love with Tom Lefroy (James McAvoy), who was a soul mate.

There are many good things to do, and someone interferes with them. As a result, Tom’s family does not approve of their marriage. Tom decides to elope with Jane. But in this way, Tom’s financial resources will be cut off, and Jane will also face secular pressure and poverty. How far will they go on the way of elopement? Will there be a happy ending?

Someone in the film review said that Jane’s feelings in her life can be summarized in one word: Jane.

I hope to be a woman like Jane, talk about the piano, write, know what I want and want to live. Independent and powerful.

I want to live in a simple circle with my own career and live every day according to my own pace of life. Reading, writing, piano, yoga, movies, sports, travel…

There are many things I like to do and I am willing to spend time doing them.

Not willing to spend time and energy to deal with the trivial and complex interpersonal relationships in life.

Everyone has their own way of life, and many people in the world are living according to their own ideas.

Four years ago, I began to read at the lowest point of my life, and read many excellent books by women writers – — Li Xiaoyi’s “Women with Fragrance in the Soul”, 12 “Don’t Read the Past, Don’t Fear the Future”, Late Love “Be a Just Good Woman, Don’t Attach, You Will Make It”, Yang Xi’s “Life is not a journey in vain, Every step counts”, and so on.

I draw energy from books, let myself grow slowly, regulate my mood and control myself.

I was most touched by Yang Xiwen, a girl who lives in New Zealand. As the only girl in her family, she went to New Zealand alone after graduation and worked in a foreign country alone. Go to school and work during the day, and write in a humble house at night. I bought a house in my twenties and got a green card. Now I live by reading and writing. I have my own pace of life and live every day according to my wishes.

When you have passed a time when no one helps you, no one understands you, and even you will be moved, you will become strong.

There is no road in life in vain. Every step counts.

Because there are really people in the world who are living enthusiastically. Don’t give up no matter what you experience or the current situation. Try to go up, make money, read and think..

“The best state of life for a person is to read a book when it is time to play, enjoy it when it is time to play, appreciate it when it is time to see excellent people, and not despise it when it is time to see poor people. They have their own small life and small interests, and do not want to change the world, and try to live themselves. When no one loves, they focus on themselves, and when someone loves, they have the ability to embrace each other.”

Even if you are entangled with many complicated things every day, you must watch a movie one or two days. During the more than two hours of watching the movie, I totally immersed myself, followed the plot and experienced their lives with the protagonists. The soul is nourished, which is the best rest for me.

Recently I saw some films about the treatment of Jews in Germany during World War II – “Pianist”, “Beautiful Mind”, “Book Thieves” and recently redrawn “Schindler’s List”. It has been ten years since I last saw this film.

With the increase of experience, we have a deeper understanding of these films.

Each film reflects the persecution of the Jewish nation by the German Taxpayer Party during World War II through the perspective of an ordinary hero. But some details under the cruel war and persecution also showed the brilliance of human nature.

Read life through movies. Immerse yourself in the things you like and make your body and mind happy.

Just like practicing piano, one hour in the morning and one hour in the evening, completely forget other things and concentrate on it, which is to give your brain buffer and rest time.

Do what you like and put your heart into it. You will not feel tired no matter how long you do it.

To be a woman like Jane Austen is brave and independent. Follow your heart and move forward to shape your spiritual world. Be brave and fight with fate, and always have the ability to get out of difficulties and live the life you want.

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