Recently, I watched a South Korean film “The Melting Pot”, which mainly talked about the man who came to a school for the deaf and dumb to serve as a teacher. From it, I learned that the students in this school were sexually assaulted by teachers and various dark corruption of the school school school school headed by the headmaster. The man finally decided to lead the group of children to fight against the “beasts”, and took them to court to fight a lawsuit against them, In the face of all kinds of evidence and accusations, the court finally sentenced them to prison for only a few months because of the headmaster’s contacts and the corruption of officials. This film is different from other films in that the ending is beautiful and complete, but this ending will make me feel more real. After watching this movie, my heart was full of anger, but more of it was a sense of depression. Why do they choose rights and money in the face of justice? Why do you just suffer silently after being humiliated again? Why are people who know the truth unwilling to speak for them?

In today’s society, interpersonal communication is a circle, a circle of friends, a circle of life, a circle of communication, and a circle of interests. Under all kinds of circles, the moral decay and the ugliness of human nature are covered up. Most people’s Jiaojichuan is based on power, money and status. They are infinitely carrying out what they consider to be “equal exchange”. Official protection and benefit exchange are their means, and we are all their victims.

There is a line in the movie that touches me very much: “We fight all the way not to change the world, but to prevent the world from changing us.” Indeed, we are so small in front of the world, but we must not be at the mercy of the world.

In the film, the headmaster pulled the students into the toilet with the last smile. After the court had charged the school headed by the headmaster with the crime of rape but was sentenced to only a few months in prison, I still remember the proud look of the children when I shook hands with the judge. A pack of cigarettes, a meal, and a benefit exchange can solve a human life. Why is human life so insignificant in the face of materials? You may feel that these things are far away from your life, but it’s just that someone is bearing things you can’t think of for you in the other corner of the world, but why is this phenomenon becoming more and more common?

Because of your cowardice, your timidity, and your worries will make the bad people laugh proudly again and again. In the face of the power of bad people, you will only accept their abuse, you will only be inferiority, you will only cry, but never think of resistance, so that in front of bad people, you will become cowering. I’m not willing! I don’t want to be a puppet of darkness. We should learn to resist. Even if the road ahead is rough and dangerous, we should go straight ahead; Even if we roll in the mud, we must crawl forward; Even if there is only a glimmer of light in the dark, we should follow that glimmer of light to move forward in the dark; The loneliness brought to you by fighting alone can not erase your will. You should let the fire in your heart continue to burn and burn more vigorously.

Today, I saw a news on my microblog about a female student from the Photography Department of Peking University Drama School who accused a professor of Peking University of sexually assaulting her and the corruption of a group of teachers led by him. When all kinds of evidence surfaced, the professor actually sued the girl for defamation, and threatened the students of the department with the graduation certificate to warn them not to speak for the girl. The girl’s students came out to wash the professor with conscience for the sake of the future, He also accused the girl of having mental problems at school, insulted the girl verbally, and asked the girl to apologize to the professor. The girl said that the students did not show sympathy after learning that the girl had been sexually assaulted during school, but more alienated and hated the girl. When we learned the indifference of the girl’s classmates, we felt very cold, Recently, however, several students whose conscience has not been utilitarian have said that they are willing to prove for the girl, and said that the girl’s words are all true. If there is a lie, they are willing to accept legal sanctions. This action has brought back the trust in social justice from the frustration of many people. The South Korean film “Melting Pot” has ended, while the Chinese “Melting Pot” is on stage. Gao Xiaosong said a sentence that made people think deeply: “When I was young, I thought that the university campus was the most pure and clean place. When I grew up, I knew how intellectuals could lose to the dog butchers.”

Nevertheless, I still firmly believe that justice remains in the world and goodness remains in the hearts of the people; In the face of the law, the offender is still unforgivable; Those hypocrites who wear the mask of knowledge but do things will eventually be punished in front of the law, and those lackeys of interest will eventually fall into the net of law.

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