I haven’t recommended a movie for a long time. Today I recommend a very good Korean gangster crime movie “New World”.It’s very enjoyable.I don’t know whether I am a cynic or whether the director expresses the love between Ding Qing and Li Zicheng.Until I found an organization in Douban, we all saw the love of life and death.The boss of the whitewashing company of a mafia organization was killed and was chosen to take over the successor. In order to control the group’s involvement, the government launched the undercover Li Zicheng, who was inserted in the early stage. Li Zicheng was tired of this kind of life of fighting and killing. According to the previous agreement, he could have ended his undercover life and his pregnant wife emigrated to live a stable life.

As a result, the superior told him that the plan had changed, and now he was going to implement the “New World Plan” to keep him undercover and threaten him with her child and his real identity.

But I really like Ding Qing, a gangster brother who is hard to calculate. He wore slippers from the hotel, wore high-fake big-name glasses, and brought a fake Rolex watch to his confidant Li Zicheng. He said it was to send a sister-in-law to have a good baby. Li Zicheng saw it was a fake face and threw it to him, Ding Qing therefore slapped his younger brother on the head and said, “Well, don’t you say you can’t see it, you bastard?” After that, he asked Li Zicheng about his glasses. Does it look fake? Li Zicheng said it was OK, and then he grinned with satisfaction.

You ask me if you like a fool.No, you will not be wise until the end. You must fall in love with a man who is not stupid at all like me.This film is mainly about heart attack.Ding Qing finally succeeded in blackwashing Li Zicheng and pushed him to the throne.

The lines inside are relatively clear. The police and the undercover, the undercover and the gang, the police and the undercover are not like the seamless trust between the police and the undercover in the domestic police and bandit film, and the belief in justice is more than everything. Here, in order to contain the undercover, the police put a woman to the undercover to become his wife and pregnant with his child.

Therefore, it is the elder brother who is betraying that speaks of friendship, and it is the superior who sits in the police station in a uniform who uses himself.They are all meat to be cut on the chopping board.To say who is the kindest and most human person in the film, it must be Ding Qing.He kept the rules. Even if he disagreed with his opponent, he also sent money to the police and said, “Let us solve the problems after the trouble”.And when he finally died, “You have to be ruthless to survive, understand?”.Finally, “Go, I’m so sleepy” I will cry.

The director is very good at using small details to embody a person’s image. For example, Ding Qing will dial a coin when he is nervous. There have been two close-ups in the film.The child was not saved, and his hope for the future was shattered. Ding Qingming knew that he was betrayed by his most trusted brother, but chose not to expose it. Seeing through the whole situation, he pressed Li Zicheng who was going to put an oxygen mask on him when he died and said, “What are you doing? You bastard, in case, one in ten million, I am alive, what do you do? Can you deal with me?”

“Listen to your brother, idiot, then you can live””You have to be ruthless to survive, understand?”Ding Qingming knew that he would die. He said this and closed his eyes before his eyes. This series of changes finally succeeded in blackwashing Li Zicheng.It must be true love. He kept Li Zicheng secret about being an undercover, and finally told him to leave a gift in the drawer for him, and then died with the secret.The highest level of killing is not to take a person’s life, but to let him identify with you instinctively from the bottom of his heart and become you.Finally, Li Zicheng killed his competitor, the superior of the police station, and the person who was not himself.

So, killing kills the heart.

There is the abnormal headmaster in the “Melting Furnace” in the supporting role. Seeing him in other movies still has a feeling of scaring the urine.

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