When “Why Is Home” was just released in China, I was introduced to this film by many friends Amway. The unanimous suggestion was “you must see it”. The spread of the story is the real experience of the hero, and the name of the hero is the real name… Before these warm-hearted friends finished introducing it, I quickly compared “stop” with both hands, He added: “Don’t play the spoilers, I want to watch them myself.” Then he turned his head proudly and snickered, and his friends also giggled, before stopping the spoilers.

Just as I was expected at the beginning of the Amway movie, I went to watch the movie with full expectation. I don’t know what I am looking forward to, but after watching the movie, I know what the hero Zane is looking forward to? What are his parents expecting? What is that single mother looking forward to?

Zane, a body with a physiological structure less than 12 years old, has undertaken most of the housework and livelihood at home and abroad. As long as I see his small figure dragging a volume far larger than his garbage bag, gas tank or bucket of water, my heart will ache with it. The camera captures his expression distorted due to lack of strength when he works hard at close range, It seems that this expression is his most direct resistance and helplessness to such a life. In such a beautiful era, what kind of despair is it to be unable to lead a decent life? I saw the despair in his eyes every time he looked at the sky and the direction of his journey.

His parents, with haggard faces and dull eyes all day, seem to have known that such a bad life cannot be changed. What they can expect is not to become bad again. However, after all, it has deteriorated in their powerless change. In order to obtain survival supplies and reduce the family burden, they had to marry their daughter under the age of 12 to others, which eventually led to her early death. However, they still have to accept that this is an unchangeable reality, Just like his father’s tearful plea in the court: “Do you think I want to do this?” (It means that my daughter who was married prematurely died of massive bleeding after pregnancy), I work and work ceaselessly every day, but life is almost crushing my waist “In the end, a middle-aged man’s greatest despair is that he can’t refute others’ questions about his incompetence, but can only choose to cry.

The appearance of a single mother seemed to be an unexpected commendation for Zane’s new life. It turned out that it would not be too bad to leave home alone. Zane’s heart lit up with a little starlight. While the starlight was still in the air, the single mother suddenly lost her voice and left him and her child as children. Before that, she went to the bazaar many times, with tears in her eyes, hoping to get the sympathy of the person who was able to help her handle a new certificate, but the reality was always cold. She took out all her savings for a legal certificate, but was cheated by the other party. After knowing the truth, she could not hold her breath any longer. After that, she sat in a corner of the prison (considered illegal entry due to lack of legal identity certificate) with dull eyes, Looking at the clamor of the inmates around her, she stayed out of it, because she could not rest assured of the starving child at home. Her greatest despair was probably her inability to protect her son’s all-round growth.

“How to Be Home” enlarges the pupil of every character and their despair. It seems that in such a bad environment, any person with subjective initiative will not realize his motivation to change, As Zane’s desperate plea in court at the end of the film: “I want adults to listen to me. I want those who can’t take care of their children to not have children, or what can they recall when they grow up? Is it violence, abuse, being chained, watered, or belted? The most intimate words I have heard are ‘Get the stinky boy for me’ or ‘Get the bastard away’. Life is just a piece of shit, dirtier than the shoes on my feet. I live in the region every day, like I want to eat in a dream Like chicken, why should fate torture me? I thought it would be respected and loved by many people, but Allah didn’t want us to be like this. He wanted us to be trampled on like a carpet. “

Finally, he looked coldly at his mother at the side of the court and said, “Your baby will be like me. “His eyes are colder than the” brute “he said to his mother when he first heard the news.

The whole film is full of despair. I thought the creators just wanted to tell us to cherish the life in front of us through the film, because now, the life you despise in your eyes may be exactly the life that another group of people on the same land dream of. However, until Zane finally faced the camera with an innocent smile full of hope for the future and spread the whole screen, I thought I understood at that moment.

Everyone’s life, happiness and suffering in this world are generally balanced. Cherish happiness and bear hardships, because you really don’t know whether tomorrow is sunny or cloudy. Sometimes we can’t change our birth, but people can really live the life they dream of through their own efforts, relying on their strong belief in their hearts, The life that is no longer “trampled on as a carpet” by others, even if you feel the despair of life coming face to face, don’t give up. Wait, persist and struggle again, and you will get the bright tomorrow you want.

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