After watching the film “Kill Munich”, I think this film gives us a good interpretation of a spirit, never give up until the last second, always have strong confidence in themselves, and dare to pay sweat and effort.Even in the last three seconds, the coach will never give up.There is a line in the film. The coach said:Your worry is also human, but you took away our chance to compete.You must lose..We may lose, but the game is our life. You have taken all these away.

It’s not terrible to be an informer. What’s terrible is that you stole our basketball. We have nothing left. So Grisha, you are a beast.

Seeing this, I want to say that we must have the courage to participate in the competition. Don’t be scared away by our various constraints, and have the courage to participate.

Brothers, I learned a lot later that Sasha’s medical expenses in the United States are not national at all. You know that the coach’s child is sick. He gave Sasha all the money he gave his son for surgery. Also, they want your head. The coach stopped him dead or alive. He said that you are his team member. Except for our coach, no one believes that we can win. We have gone so far, although we can withdraw from the game, There is no loss, and the superior leaders do not want to compete. They think that the basketball team they have set up can not lose the game and can keep safe, but what about ourselves? How to explain?

We have to find the leader.

Seeing this, I think that the competition is for the country and also for the sake of having an account for myself.

You can’t cheat anyone.

At the end of the film, my son calls the coach.

There is such a line.

Hello, Dad, can you hear me.

Dad is listening

Sorry, son

It’s okay, Dad, you can win

I will do my best

How can we say to do our best?

I bet three yuan in the hospital that we are champions. I want to bet more, but I only have three yuan.

I see, son, I will help you win back. Dad, love you.

In the competition, we should try our best. A race without sweat is not a real race.

If you don’t argue, you may not have the chance for three seconds.

In the last three seconds, we should also persist in fighting.

Now I understand that everything is possible to live.

After watching Munich, I summarized three points.

1. You should have the courage to participate in the competition, even if your strength is not as good as others, you should also have the courage to explain to yourself.

2. Do everything with all your strength, and you will gain only if you sweat.

Even in the last three seconds, don’t give up. Be brave to fight for your own rights. As long as you live, everything is possible.

4. We should unite and learn to adapt to the circumstances. If others change the team members, we should also change the team members according to the conditions.

Once again, everything is possible to live. You should have confidence in yourself and the courage to challenge. Give yourself an explanation.

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