Forrest Gump, this Oscar winning film, I believe many people have seen it. No matter what kind of person you are, in this film, you will see your own shadow, life, love, friendship and so on. All of them are shining with the light of human nature. They are always encouraging people to work hard and never give up.A mentally retarded boy born in Alabama, who was called a fool by everyone around him, has conquered everyone with his perseverance. This fool is called “Forrest Gan”. No one likes him for such a stupid mentally retarded child, but he has made achievements that can’t be achieved by countless normal people with his unremitting efforts, such as “Vietnam War Hero”, “Table Tennis Diplomacy” “Human landing on the moon” and so on. This series of events looks very dramatic, but it shows us Forrest Gump’s unremitting pursuit of a better life and dreams. Of course, it also reflects the life state and spirit of the American people after World War II. He also makes countless fans see their own shadow from Forrest Gump’s experience, especially his brave pursuit of love. It really can’t help but make people move and cry, This simple love, like our first love, is hot, beautiful and unforgettable. It is through Forrest Gump that we have a deeper understanding of love

Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what the next one tastes like. I think many people remember this classic line. It also sums up Forrest Gump’s life very well. This sentence was told by his mother. It can be seen that Forrest Gump’s mother should be a living and understanding woman. It is under the influence of his mother that Forrest Gump found his goal in life, He would think of his mother’s words, so he would immediately stand up bravely, overcome setbacks and achieve great achievements one after another.

Forrest Gump is probably most impressed by his positive and optimistic spirit. When facing difficulties in life one after another, he never panics and always faces them frankly. This may be related to his mind. His mind is always so simple. Therefore, he doesn’t care about his past at all, let alone worry about others and resent others. He doesn’t hate those who hurt him, He only put his energy on what he is doing at the moment. It is this mindless effort and effort that has made him great achievements one after another. In fact, it is difficult for normal people to do so. Normal people may consider the cost and the final result. Therefore, this kind of thinking of looking forward and backward often becomes a constraint, which hinders us to continue to move forward. Looking back at Forrest Gump, he is like a dreamer with a smile, He ran and worked hard. In his eyes, only when he reached the end can he stop. With this positive and optimistic attitude and persistent efforts, it is very difficult to succeed

There is another line in the movie that is impressive. “I don’t think that people’s mental maturity is becoming more and more tolerant and acceptable. On the contrary, I think it should be a process of gradual elimination, knowing what is most important and what is unimportant. Then, be a simple person.” This sentence can be summed up as these qualities shown in the simplest way and Forrest Gump, “Diligence, bravery, kindness and integrity”, these things come together to be a simple person, work hard, face bravely, be kind and honest to the people around you. These excellent qualities will help you realize your dreams, and Forrest Gump has inadvertently gained the wealth and reputation that others admire. But for Forrest Gump, these are all external things. What he really values is his mother, Family affection is more important than anything else in Forrest Gump’s heart. It is this simple pursuit that gives Forrest Gump a complete life

Love is another moving place in the film. Forrest Gump and Jenny are childhood buddies. They have been together since childhood and have established a very deep relationship. It is no exaggeration to say that in addition to the love from his mother, Jenny and his feelings are also the key to support him to succeed. It is also under the nourishment of love that he can look at life positively and optimistically, because the power of love is really great, Because it is not easy to find a person with a heart in the vast world and the vast sea of people, so he still doesn’t care about the betrayal of his lover and leaving, because he loves Jenny too much, no matter how many wrong things Jenny has done, no matter where she is, no matter what she has become, she is the most beautiful person in Forrest Gump’s mind

For love, the clumsy Forrest Gump may be ashamed to express it, but he has interpreted the meaning of love with practical actions, that is, tolerance. Because of love, no matter what the other party does, he will always be tolerant, he does not give pressure to the other party, he does not ask for return, he does not have a strong possessive desire, or he humbly asks Jenny to love him, because he knows that love cannot be forced, He just waited for the hard-won love with his own silence. Compared with the current people, I think most people will feel ashamed, because today we can easily fall in love with a person, but when faced with betrayal, it is very difficult for anyone to tolerate his lover like Forrest Gump, because it is easy to love and difficult to stay together. Many people may say that Jenny doesn’t love Forrest Gump at all. The reason why she is with Forrest Gump is actually a kind of reward. This kind of love is wishful thinking after all. But in Forrest Gump’s world, he doesn’t think so. Because whether Jenny is with her or not does not affect his love for her. Because there is love in his heart, he feels that his life is happy and complete.

The two ultimate themes in Forrest Gump are actually love and life. He told us through the life of a small person that we should be positive and optimistic in life, be brave in struggle, and most importantly, be a simple person. Forrest Gump’s persistent spirit of running has inspired many people, and his love story with Jenny has touched many people, no matter how many years have passed, The value and artistic charm of this film will not fade. Like a torch, it will live in people’s hearts forever and inspire people to move forward bravely despite difficulties and dangers

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