This is the sentence that impressed me most in the film:Compared with Disney animated films, Japanese animated films have a soft understanding that Asians can understand. This is how I feel about all the films I have seen so far. Although the word “Asian” does not know what emotion it is expressed out of. Today, I introduce a warm animation “Future”, a little boy who will cross time and space when he is sad.This is our hero, Zhengtai Xiaojun sauce with a healthy red glow on his cheek

As an only child, he has been the focus of his family since childhood, and has always monopolized the love of his parents, grandparents, until the arrival of a new life — sister

Xiaojun sauce is very strange about the arrival of this new member, because this is the first time he has seen a newborn baby, his family, his sister – the future (name)

He is also full of beautiful imagination about his sister’s “biology”

But after all, it is a newborn. On the one hand, the mother is afraid of Xiaojun sauce accidentally touching the baby. On the other hand, the baby really needs careful care. So the attention of both parents moved to the future, which made Xiaojun sauce feel neglected for the first time

PS: Because I think the house they live in with four people is really very good. I want to focus on my personal desire

However, soon after, my mother received a notice that the company’s seniors would take maternity leave, so my mother had to return to the workplace as soon as possible. After a discussion between the two people, the father will take care of the two children full-time. Xiaojun sauce is even more reluctant

It’s not malicious. Xiaojun sauce just wants to take a small “punishment” for the future

But Xiaojun sauce is only a child after all. It makes Xiaofutu cry because it doesn’t know how important it is. When the mother saw it, she asked Xiaojun sauce to take care of the baby and make friends with the baby. But Xiaojun sauce thought that the main culprit that made him “lose” his father and mother’s love was the future. In a moment of anger, he hit Xiaomei’s head with a toy locomotive

The mother was so eager to protect her daughter that she lost her temper with Xiaojun sauce in the future. Xiaojun sauce felt even more that her mother was a “female yak” who only loved her sister but not him. Xiaojun sauce sadly ran to the courtyard and began his first crossing. When I met Yukko, their adult pet dog, Yukko told Xiaojun that this sad feeling was called “jealousy”

And told Xiaojun that he had a similar feeling

In a twinkling of an eye, it is the daughter’s day. According to the custom, we should prepare the doll, bless the girl and pray for her healthy growth. Xiaojun sauce can’t be touched because it’s a boy, and when grandpa and grandma come home, they are also jealous

Although Xiaojun sauce hates his father and hates his mother, his mother still has to leave home for a long time because of work. But for the clumsy father, he was exhausted from housework and taking care of his children. He had to take time to work and could not play with Xiaojun sauce. Xiaojun sauce ran into the courtyard again, and met the future on the second journey.

In the future, please Xiaojun sauce to help put away the gift of the daughter’s day (my father forgot). Because there is a tradition in Japan, one day’s delay will lead to one year’s delay in marriage. PS In the process of begging, I found that Xiaojun sauce may have a tendency to shake M~haha

They also called Yukko to help, and the three “people” put away the gifts together. Alas, my father is really slow~~I don’t know if there is a thief in my family~

In this “group building activity”, Xiaojun sauce likes the future

On this day, Xiaojun sauce and her mother had another dispute over the future. Xiaojun sauce once again met the future of the future, and went back to the past, and met her mother when she was a child

He also played with his mother and learned that his mother was also a “bear child” and “forgives” his mother from the aspect of identity

Day after day, my father looked at the sunny weather, took the future with him, and went out for a walk with Xiaojun sauce. Xiaojun sauce asked his father to teach him because he wanted to learn to ride a bicycle. But his father was in a hurry. Instead of teaching Xiaojun sauce, he fell several times with Xiaojun sauce. At the same time, when the future cried, his father let Xiaojun sauce play by himself and turned to look after the future. Xiaojun sauce looked at his father and suddenly felt that his father had been robbed

At this time, Xiaojun sauce passed through the past and met his great-grandfather Zeng (who had died in Xiaojun sauce’s time), who taught him to ride a horse and bike, to look straight ahead and to be brave

For the last time, Xiaojun sauce had a dispute with his parents about his pants, and then hid in anger. But when he found that no one was looking for him, he cried loudly. This time he crossed into the future.

Unable to find his father and mother, he was sent to the “lonely kingdom” because he could not tell his family’s name at the lost and found office. After a series of questioning, he remembered the future and deeply realized that he was the future brother

Then in the future, I heard the call of my brother Xiaojun sauce to pick him up. They found the beam tree in the garden together, because this tree is the “index” of their family’s past/present/future. What I understand is the witness. As long as we find the fragments of Xiaojun sauce at that time, Xiaojun sauce can go home. When browsing Liang Shu’s “memory card”, they saw their father when they were young

Yukko and his mother

I know why my mother doesn’t like cats anymore

I saw Grandfather Zeng and Grandmother Zeng, and my future self

At last, Xiaojun sauce returned to his time smoothly, and was ignorant to know that his parents did not love him anymore, and that in the future, they would grow into the way they liked, and began to really like the future

After watching the movie, I feel more like drinking a cup of honey water, warm and warm. Striving forward without raising flags and shouting slogans is a kind of mild warmth. I was curious to search for the director

I was surprised to find that I have seen and liked all of his works except Digital Baby. I personally think they are very good works. Recommended~~~

To be honest, now I don’t quite understand the meaning of family and home. In my eyes, he is more like a daily thing, a natural thing. It may be because they are too ordinary, but they will be ignored. My uncle once said that when you are older, you will know a lot at once after experiencing death (death of relatives).

This reminds me of the second child. Perhaps the boss’s resistance to the second is due to his insecurity? I remember watching an issue of TV radio star by Han Zong

“After having the second child at home, the eldest brother will obviously speak less and will show jealousy. In order to explain the existence of the second child to the eldest brother, when the second child is hungry, he will first ask the eldest brother’s opinion. If the eldest brother does not let his mother feed the second child, even if the second child cries, he will not feed. Through this matter, let the eldest brother know that his father and mother love her very much, and no matter what the second child is, the eldest brother is the eldest child, and is the first child of his father and mother Son ”


Family is a very magical human gathering group. With blood as the link and kinship as the chain, different individuals who may be completely unfamiliar in the previous life are closely linked. No one is born to take care of others, neither are parents. No one, born as parents, is groping and growing up with their children. Although some people can’t call them parents. It’s just a physical and legal guardian. Did my parents regret my coming? Why did I fall into my mother’s belly? What kind of past do they have? Thinking of this makes my heart soft.

Like the title, we are all growing up in small steps, and then striding towards the future. There is me, you, them and the future·····


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