Although I personally don’t like “Journey to the Dream” very much, I am convinced of its popularity among the public. Not to mention in the technical aspect, Pixar is still breaking through its leading position in the industry. Just the ability to grasp the common psychological characteristics of the public has made many animation teams unattainable.Some comments on “Journey to the Dream” will mention that “although XXX, I am still moved.” The “XXX” here is usually something familiar to everyone, such as “although the plot is old-fashioned”, or “although I can guess that H é ctor is Miguel’s great-great-grandfather after looking at the front”.

However, the final result is “I am still touched”, which is not difficult to understand. For example, many boys know what will happen when they see words like “tongue, lips, feelings, and thick, thick, thick, thick, thick, thick, and soft”.

I believe that most people who uphold the mainstream values and are sensitive will be moved when the song “Remember me” is sung, even if they guess several important passages in the plot.

Although the Chinese translation contains the word “dream seeking”, it is slightly different from most dream-seeking films, that is, the protagonist actively chooses the family when facing the choice between dream and family. Of course, the screenwriter did not embarrass Miguel too much. His family did not imprison his love for music in the end, so his choice was not at the expense of his dream.

“Journey to the Dream” is not a film that explores the boundaries of values. The purpose of its creation is to consolidate the original values of the public, that is, “Family first”, and it has successfully done so.

This time, I revisited the “Journey to the Dream” and instead focused on the villain de la Cruz. If he put dreams and family in front of him, his choice must be dreams. Of course, his dream is not necessarily music, but fame and profit.

However, in contemporary society, it seems that “chasing fame and wealth” cannot be defined as an improper ideal. This is another mainstream value of our time. Therefore, compared with other fairy tale characters, de la Cruz may be closer to us in reality.

When Miguel told de la Cruz that he was his great-grandchild, de la Cruz carried Miguel on his shoulder and announced excitedly that he had offspring. According to his villain attribute, this paragraph certainly has the elements of playing tricks and improving affinity. But if you consider that he may have been alone all the time and have a family in a flash, you can’t rule out that he also won Miguel with a sincere joy.

In this film, death is not really disappearing, but after becoming a ghost, it still has the fear of disappearing and can’t get rid of the puzzle about the meaning of existence. The story doesn’t tell whether de la Cruz still has a family. If not, the only way he can keep himself alive is to expand his popularity and let future generations remember.

Thinking of this, I feel sorry that this film did not dig deeply into this character. Of course, this is not Pixar’s primary task. The high-quality pictures, touching family gatherings and sunny ending are enough to care for the hearts of every audience. This is the service that customers expect, and Pixar is a famous store

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