Men in reality are developing towards polarization. My girlfriends’ aesthetic appreciation of men also shows a trend of polarization.The first pole is the “beautiful men” series represented by Japan and South Korea. They are weak, have long hair, love to make up and dress up. They can’t move when they see something that will reflect light. Love to use exclamations and onomatopoeia, is the best in the kingdom of “ah”, “yo”, “la” and “da”. Applicable women are represented by Mei Mei.

The evaluation of such boys is usually “beautiful” and “cute”. Adolescent girls, represented by high school girls, use all their motherhood and are infatuated with Japanese and Korean men like sons.

The other pole is the muscular male series of the European and American series. The worshipers take the turtle as the pioneer. This kind of woman requires men in one word, MAN. The European and American people just took advantage of their race and started the evolution route of more and more MAN.

Decades ago, in order to adapt to their own evolution, European and American men designed classic cartoons such as Beauty and the Beast. Aesthetic appreciation should start with dolls. Now, MAN men are more powerful than others. What is Superman Spiderman Batman Green Hornet? It can no longer meet the growing needs of modern independent women, so MANs represented by monsters appear. King Kong, Green Giant, their pronoun is “IT”.

The requirement of the monster is that MAN. looks invincible and feels tender and fragile. On the thundering rock, throw a stone nervously at the thunder, and then fall on the lover’s leg. Such a pure man needs a pure woman. It must be impossible to take the cute route or the barbaric girlfriend (barbaric girlfriend vs. the Hulk?), and gentleness is the king’s way. The woman’s heart melted with a hoarse call of “Betty”.

When a woman becomes like Liv Taylor, she is still beautiful despite her big butt; When everyone points their guns at you and rushes to you at all costs; When you are down and leave a very NICE man to elope with you; When you pawn your mother’s only legacy and buy you elastic pants; Gently rub your wet hair to cut your hair and pull your naughty little ears; When I will gently say “IT’S OK” to you when I encounter anything….. The wild animal was tamed. Beauty is the best trainer.

“Don’t make me angry, you won’t like my angry appearance.” What a cool sentence, but Marx taught us that everything has two sides. I think the Green Giant’s heart will also say, “Don’t sleep with me, you won’t like my impulsive appearance.”

The Green Giant has taken on the skills of all heroes in history. When he was invulnerable, he was Superman. When he bounced around in the city, I exclaimed “Spider Man!”

Edward Norton is handsome and has attractive muscles.

Of course, there is one more attractive and handsome than him in this film. 1900 Tim Ross (I always thought it was 007 Daniel Craig). I and Tingting, the artist in green shorts and red stockings, called him “Grey Giant”. In addition to being short, he is also very handsome, and his acting skills are very good. After the show, his face followed me to and from the railway station and Parkson for a long time.

This man is a MAN with an over-developed adrenaline secretion and a strong competitive spirit. I think he seems to have chosen the wrong profession. Athletes seem to be more suitable for him than soldiers. It seems that winning gold and silver at the Olympic Games is in line with his life. This also explains a Chinese proverb: “Women are afraid of marrying the wrong man, and men are afraid of entering the wrong line.”

Tingting and I laughed for a long time in his thongs after the grey giant had a spine protrusion mutation like a spinal disease.

Just like the Olympic spirit, higher, faster and stronger, Bolt and the Green Giant challenge the human limit together. How fast can humans run? How developed can muscles be? How touching can human and animal love be?

Finally, the cowardly scientist also mutated, and Robert Downey Jr., the Iron Man, also came out. The film became an American version of the animal world, and the sequel was imminent.

Welcome to the New York Wildlife Park. Your dinner is the brine monster platter. The taste is very strong.

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