1. The image of Ant Man first appeared in the 1962 Marvel Story vol.27, which is the first generation of Ant Man Hank Pim in this film. Pim is one of the smartest people in Marvel and the founder of the Avengers Alliance in the cartoon. As a scientist, Hank discovered a kind of chemical substance that can change the body shape at will and make it possess super strength – pim particle, and mastered the method of controlling ants.

2. The film was originally based on the story of the first generation of ant man Hank Pim, but considering that the character itself has a black history of abusing women, it finally decided to focus on the successor of ant man Scott Lang.

3. Scott went to prison for robbing the rich and helping the poor. After his release from prison, he went on the road of theft again in order to fight for the right to visit his daughter. Although he is not the kind of classic hero material, his agile skills, professional technical background and strong moral sense make him the best candidate for the second generation of ants.

4. In the whole film, the theme of fatherly love, the relationship between master and apprentice, and perseverance account for a large proportion. The story revolves around Hank Pim and Scott Lang, who have established a cooperative relationship for a long time. The two protagonists also face the obstacles that everyone who wants to become a good father and mentor must overcome.

5. The film was originally planned to be directed by Edgar Wright, who had made Sean the Dead and Detective Hot Blood. As a super fan of Ant Man, Wright proposed to Marvel the plan to shoot the film Ant Man since 2003, but finally withdrew because of “incompatible creative ideas”. However, a large part of the film script was completed by Wright himself.

6. During Edgar Wright’s preparation for “Ant Man”, he suggested that Marvel not use the images of Ant Man and Wasp Girl in other films before the end of the film shooting, which is why they are absent from “The Avengers Alliance”.

7. Paul Luther, the actor of the second generation of Ant Man, once worked out crazily for this role. Finally, he had to change his clothes to fit these muscles. At the same time, Paul also invited a gymnast to train with him, hoping that his flipping and bouncing movements were beautiful enough.

8. Paul Luther raised a large number of ants to observe their habits and how they cooperated. Paul also decided to keep them after the film was shot.

9. In the cartoon, Ant Man has the ability to grow bigger and smaller at the same time. But in the film, the ant man can only make himself smaller by using red potion, and can’t “become giant” for the time being.

10. Sean Bin, Gary Alderman and Pierce Brusnan were originally candidates for the role of Hank Pim, the first generation of ant people, and finally decided to play the role of Oscar winner Michael Douglas.

11. This is Michael Douglas’s first time in a superhero film, and one of the reasons for his participation is that his children are Marvel fans, so that they can see themselves in Marvel movies.

12. There is a flashback scene in the 1980s. Michael Douglas, 70, is 30 years younger with visual effects. After seeing the effect, Douglas also expressed disbelief, saying that “I feel like I’m making a movie that I played 30 years ago”.

13. Michael Douglas spent his 70th birthday during the shooting process. In order to pay tribute to the actor’s acting career, the crew specially decorated the cake into the shape of an icicle with an ant climbing over the film.

14. The wife of the first generation of Ant Man Hank Pim, the wasp girl, also appeared in Ant Man. Although her role is not much, in the cartoon, the wasp girl also belongs to the role of the elder, and even the title of Fulian was conceived by the wasp girl.

15. In the cartoon, Aochuang is actually created by Hank Pim, the first generation of ant man, rather than the Iron Man in “Double Couplet 2”.

16. In the film, Scott, the second-generation ant, once suggested to Pim to seek the help of Fulian when facing a crisis, but Pim replied that “they are busy building a city falling from the sky”, which is also a direct reference to the plot in Fulian 2.

17. The building “the Triskelion” in the opening of the film is also the headquarters of the Divine Shield in Team America 2.

18. Marvel originally planned to take Ant Man as the opening work of the third stage of Marvel Universe, but finally decided to take it as the end of the second stage and replace Team USA 3 with the opening of the new stage.

19. Different from the 2.35:1 frame of most Marvel films, this film uses a width to height ratio of 1.85:1 to better adapt to the special body shape of Antman.

20. The first trailer of the film is “Ant Version”, which presents the trailer from the perspective of ants, and the content inside is almost invisible to the naked eye. Fortunately, on the next day, the film released a normal size trailer.

21. Paul Luther played Phoebe’s boyfriend Mike in Friends and also played a guest role in Park and Recreation. And Chris Pratt, the actor of the star in Marvel’s other work “Galactic Guard”, is the star of “Park and Recreation”.

22. Garrett Morris, who plays the black driver in the film, actually played the role of Ant Man in “Saturday Night Live” in 1975. Adam McKay, one of the screenwriters of the film, is also the writer of Saturday Night Live.

23. Although Stan Lee was unable to participate in the film due to the schedule, the crew finally overcame all difficulties to shoot his guest shot. At the end of the film, Stan Lee appeared as a bartender. Please remember to watch carefully.

24. “Ant Man” has achieved good box office performance in the world, and Marvel has also released its sequel plan while it is hot. This sequel will be titled “Ant Man and Wasp Girl” and will be released on July 6, 2018.

25. There is a colored egg before and after the subtitle at the end of the film! The first colored egg is about “Ant Man and Wasp Girl”: the wasp girl’s battle clothes will be handed down to Hope, the daughter of the first generation of Ant Man, and will become the second generation of wasp girl. The second colored egg is from “Team USA 3”: The Falcon leads the US team to find the winter soldiers, and the CP party is excited again! Don’t leave early!

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