With the theme of female director and female super English, the film of the March 8th Festival presents a very obvious theme of women in addition to paving the way for couplet 4.There are quite a few touching points. Remember Qiu Hua’s fight with the hostess at the beginning. She kept telling Carol to control her emotions and not have any other emotional flaws except anger left to the enemy. However, in this paragraph, it can be clearly felt that there is a very important point in Carol’s personality that she is required to suppress, which is humor. Later, it was learned that she was very fond of smiling in the past, and the photos of her friends were all smiling, so that the children of friends automatically released their hands when they saw a unsmiling girl, because they felt strange.

Another fragmented and recurring memory point of Carroll is his father and other men’s disapproval and lack of support for his ability. This part can be said to be an outlet for the expression of feminism. If Carroll in the first half of the period is still confused about her life experience and ability, then the completion of childhood memory in the second half can even be regarded as a kind of gentle preaching: Have you ever fallen in your childhood? But you also got up and went on, didn’t you! Isn’t this a natural choice? Don’t limit yourself because of gender and other people’s conclusions. Carol even broke up with her son preference father in the cartoon

Continuing with this topic, Carol encouraged her friends to be mothers and pilots, which also showed her attitude on many issues. In terms of identity and occupation, women are often the most defined and often break through the limit to refresh people’s cognition. If you don’t set limits for yourself on a meaningful thing, it must be a great choice to try. At this point, Carol’s friend’s little daughter is more open and brave because of her age and different times (even the solution to the problem has been put forward, go to grandma’s house!

Back to Carol, we have an interesting understanding that the device behind the neck is used to strengthen the captain’s ability, but it is actually a restriction. This small reversal, which is not a big reversal, can actually be compared into everyone’s life. Sometimes you think that excellence may be just the ceiling, breaking the house, and even there is no limit to excellence.

The name of the captain is also a small mapping. Vers is only a small part of her name Carol Danvers. The real she is far more than that.

Frankly speaking, I was not very excited when I saw the captain of the surprise cast last year. My impression of the hostess still remained in “Room”. But I think it is not a meat business to mold a character through a story. After several rounds of confrontation between Qiu Hua and the female leader, I am more sure that the reason why the surprise captain is strong is that she is beyond “controlling emotions” and full of “human” brilliance. She broke the “can” and “can’t” defined for her by others, and helped others to achieve their own transcendence. She has accurate and courageous judgments on good and evil, trust or not. From the beginning of the movie to the end of the second half, when she was defeated by the disguised “enemy”, she was determined to deal with the problems caused by the unfair war. She had a system of growth, and it was not just the dialogue of the characters. In fact, the plot had been paved by layers, and Buli performed the whole process very well. She was more like a heroine than a goddess. (By the way, I recall that Judy, the female pilot in Avatar, is also the same height, and has military temperament, but Michelle looks more like a half-blooded beauty.) This part of the audience feels that the characterization is lacking, and the story is not full. I understand this view, but combined with the whole film, it may be that this part of the narrative is closer to a kind of moist and silent perception, rather than a strong conflict as a starting point.

It’s interesting to set the first generation captain to become a female senior. Especially when Maywell wore the same motorcycle jacket on the tin box, he really felt the fun of sex transfer

The concept of family is reflected in several aspects in this play. In addition to the discord between Carol and his father (no specific conflict description), the family reunion that the green people also pursue, I think there is a great perspective that the black friends raise their daughter alone, and cultivate her into a good child who is good at thinking and brave to bear. Perhaps the single mother didn’t even think about whether to give birth to the baby, but after the encouragement of her friends, she gave birth and was still very good, and was a naughty captain.

I am sleepy and ready to sleep. The title is a line from Qiu Hua (seemingly). I feel that it is also applicable in my life. I look forward to the reply 4!

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