In 2013, two years have passed since the meteorite fall and the destroyer fall in New Mexico, and one year has passed since the Chitari invasion in New York and the first gathering of the world’s strongest hero group Avengers.Jane Foster followed Dr. Selvig to London for research, during which the doctor was missing. Jane was having lunch with a man named Richard who was very fond of herself that day. After all, I still remember Wang Dahui on the bank of Daming Lake. I had a very awkward lunch. Fortunately, at this time, Jane’s partner and intern Max came to rescue me. Without the electric shock gun and Ipad, the episode of Max has a new toy – as an intern, she also found herself an intern, a shy British boy. With him in charge of running errands, Max will have more time to do Homemake Cupcake. Like Agent Coulson of the Avenger series, although the British boy has always stressed that his name is Ian, in Max’s eyes, his First Name is Intern.

A group of people came to an abandoned factory according to the instructions of the instrument. What happens here can’t be explained by normal physical principles: huge trucks can be easily lifted by young children, and objects dropped from high altitude will disappear before landing, and then fall from the ceiling again, and start again. The three people who were interested in playing were all throwing things down the stairs. Ian threw the car key down, but it didn’t reappear. The children on the side explained that there was a certain chance that the falling things would disappear, and Max was full of black lines.

At this time, the radiation value detected on the instrument was abnormally high. The last time this happened was when Jane and Wang Dahui first met. Excited Jane thought that she could see Wang sledgehammer immediately under the guidance of the instrument, but she didn’t expect that she was suddenly transported to a mysterious space.

Jane found a suspicious black fertilizer in the mysterious space. At this time, the black fertilizer suddenly became active, and her face was covered with paste, and even penetrated into her body, and then she fainted. She had no idea that the black fertilizer had a lot of value.

Similar to the ancient Chinese and Greek myths, the Nordic mythology also believed that the universe was chaotic before everything was born. At that time, there was no light but darkness in the universe, and the race “dark elves” who worshipped darkness refused the arrival of light, so there was a war with the people from the god realm of Asgard. Under the leadership of Borr, the father of Odin and the grandfather of Wang Dahui, the last generation of the Nordic god, the people of the Shenyu won an overwhelming victory. Malekith, the leader of the dark elves, was ready to release the great killer, Aether. Unfortunately, before he could use it, he found that his defeat had been decided, so he fled under the cover of his subordinates, and vowed to wait for an opportunity to make a comeback.

The black fertilizer inhaled by Jane Foster is the ether originally belonging to spicy chicken shreds. It is a pure darkness, and the power hidden in it is no less than the magic cube of the universe.

On the other hand, in Asgard, the fairy palace, Rocky, the god of fire, who was the main war criminal in the New York War, was put into prison. In prison, Odin’s wife, Freja, wanted to comfort Rocky, but was contradicted by her wayward son. Rocky even said that she would not recognize her mother. Realizing that he had said too much, Rocky wanted to hold his mother’s hand to ease the atmosphere a little, but he threw himself into the air. Perhaps his mother was hurt by his words and removed the spell. The holographic image of her mother disappeared in front of Rocky. At this time, he did not realize that he would never have a chance to call her “Mom” or shake her hand again.

In sharp contrast to Rocky, Wang Dahui ran across the Ninth World to wipe his ass for the trouble caused by Rocky. His warm-hearted and extraordinary bravery earned him a high reputation. After returning to Asgard in triumph, his father intended to match him with the goddess Siv, but Wang sledgehammer thought only of Jane Foster. He observed the scene of the atrium with the gatekeeper of Asgard Heimdal, but he was surprised not to feel the breath of Jane Foster. The impatient king sledgehammer quickly transmitted himself to the earth through the Rainbow Bridge.

At the same time, Jane Foster woke up and found herself back in the abandoned factory. He had disappeared for several hours, and Max had to call the police. Jane, who has the powerful power of black fertilizer in her body, accidentally injured the police and was taken to the fairy palace by Wang sledgehammer when she was in trouble.

Jane Foster paid a visit to her future father-in-law in the fairy palace. Different from the traditional view of the Chinese audience, Jane and her future mother-in-law, Frega, are like old friends at first sight, but Odin has some disagreements with her. The king sledgehammer brought her to the fairy palace to help her get rid of the black fertilizer in her body, but even Odin was helpless. He told two younger generations about the dark elves and spicy chicken shreds. In fact, the moment Jane came into contact with the black fertilizer, the spicy chicken shreds that had fled and had been dormant were awakened. Worse, the current season is just in time for an astronomical wonder “Convergence”, similar to the “nine stars in a row” that often appears in Chinese costume dramas, but this time the “nine stars” is the nine realms including the earth and the celestial palace – the boundary of the nine realms will be blurred when Convergence, and spicy chicken shreds want to take this opportunity to turn the nine realms into darkness at one time. To do this, he must take back the black fertilizer from Jane Foster, so she is now in extreme danger.

Spicy chicken shreds had already sent their men to sneak into the fairy palace, and then they also drove the spacecraft to launch a surprise attack on the fairy palace. However, this high-profile attack was only for the sake of diversion. Spicy chicken shreds took advantage of the chaos in the fairy palace and went to find Jane Foster to get back their own things. At this time, Jane was with Freya. After all, she was the mistress of the fairy palace. Freya, who was fighting with spicy chicken shreds, easily made him look for teeth.

Spicy Jisi’s men pretended to be prisoners captured by the Immortal Palace Guard and were held in prison. However, he was actually a “Kursed” who had implanted the mysterious material Jinkula in advance. This Jinkula is a shining stone. After it is implanted into the body, the combat power of the dark elves will be doubled, but they will also lose their appearance and will, which is a bit similar to the desperate virus of the dark elves. Sacrificers who make a scene in prison try to create chaos by liberating all prisoners. Although Rocky did not accept his “kindness”, he kindly pointed him the way to attack Odin’s bedroom. Before long, he will regret his words purely for mischief.

The king sledgehammer who heard the news soon calmed down the chaos in the prison. At this time, he and Odin realized that they had been caught in the trap of luring the tiger away from the mountain, and rushed back to rescue Freya and Jane, but it was too late. Freja, who had won the battle, was attacked behind the back of the sacrificial, and fought to protect Jane Foster. At this time, Wang Dahui, who came to see his mother’s tragic death, wanted to seek revenge from the enemy, but was finally escaped.

Although the plot of spicy chicken shreds failed in this war, the Xiangong also suffered heavy losses. The saddest thing is Odin who lost his beloved wife. Wang Dahui proposed to take the initiative, but the plan was rejected by Odin. So he had to discuss with his friends to sneak into Svartalfheim, where the spicy chicken is located. He can’t walk the Rainbow Bridge in a fair way. He can only find another way. The only one who knows the secret path is Locke in prison.

When the guard of the fairy palace came to report the death of Freja, Rocky casually said “Oh” while turning the book. When Brother Chui came to see him, he looked careless. Unfortunately, his strong camouflage was easily recognized by Brother Hammer. Revenge for the mother gave the two brothers a reason to fight side by side.

Rocky, who was taken out of the prison by Brother Chui, kept making a lot of noise all the way. Wang Dahui reminded him not to be too high-profile, so Rocky changed a morph into a guard of the fairy palace. It can be seen from this that Rocky’s deformation technique should be taught by his mother. The light and shadow effects are the same when they are used. When the brothers were young, because Rocky always played tricks on Brother Chui, they were often beaten. Every time, his mother always protected him, and probably taught him metamorphosis to defend himself. But his mother never thought that the Metamorphosis had come into Rocky’s hands and became a tool for him to make mischief. Not willing to be lonely, Rocky kept changing his form all the way, and changed the appearance of the king sledge hammer. Here are colored eggs and foreshadows.

Odin, who learned of Wang Dahui’s plan, sent people to pursue him. Brother Chui, Rocky and Jane finally escaped under the cover of his friends. The two brothers who were busy in flight still kept fighting. When they escaped with the help of the dark elf’s spaceship, they still argued about who would be the captain. Of course, Brother Hammer won. After only five minutes as a captain in Star Trek, he can have a good time this time.

On the way to Swaterheim, Jane Foster became increasingly weak due to the role of black fertilizer in her body. The volatilization of black fertilizer in the black swan caused the black swan to turn black and turn black in both eyes. Rocky sneered and quarreled with Brother Chui again. But when he talked about his mother, his sadness was not fake. Brother Chui asked, “Can I trust you?” Rocky replied, “You can trust my rage.”

Finally, I came to Swaterheim. It was unexpected that Rocky, who had just released the handcuffs, suddenly attacked the king sledgehammer, and then cut off the right hand of the king sledgehammer so that he could not use the sledgehammer. The sacrificial person who met Rocky in the prison saw this scene and believed that he was in the same camp with himself, so he suggested that his master, spicy chicken, accept Rocky’s surrender. Rocky handed over Jane Foster, and the spicy chicken sucked black fertilizer from her body. At that moment, Jane Foster had conscious contact with him and found that he planned to destroy the earth first.

At the moment when the spicy chicken shreds sucked the black fertilizer out of Jane Foster’s body, Rocky and Wang sledgehammer were in trouble at the same time. Everything just now is a play they co-starred in order to save Jane Foster with the hand of spicy chicken. Spicy chicken shreds use a deadly skill, “black fertilizer volatilizes and turns gray”, which immediately shakes the king’s sledge hammer away. Busy in destroying the universe, he didn’t have time to deal with the two brothers, so he handed them over to the sacrifice and a group of minions.

Rocky had a rare opportunity to show his skills and killed a number of minions without mercy. The king sledgehammer on the other side was completely suppressed by the sacrificial person who had been poisoned with gold. Loki stealthily attacked from behind, resulting in the sacrifice, avenging his mother, but he also received a fatal blow from the sacrifice. He closed his eyes in the bosom of Brother Chui with satisfaction.

In just a few days, Brother Chui has lost two close relatives. However, at the moment, he did not have enough time to mourn for it, because another dilemma he and Jane Foster faced was that they were trapped in Swartheim. Just then, Jane Foster’s mobile phone suddenly rang. The caller was Richard who had lunch with her before. He hoped to come out for another meeting. Brother Chui was a little jealous. The phone content is not the key point. The important thing is how two people who are not in the service area can receive mobile phone signals. Next, Jane Foster picked up the key that Ian, the former intern, had lost in the abandoned factory. So they realized that this place was connected with the earth for the reason of Convergence, so they jumped down from a high altitude and jumped back to the abandoned factory on the earth, following the way children played in the abandoned factory before.

The guard of the Fairy Palace explored from Swaterheim and returned to report to Odin, saying that he had not found the king sledgehammer and Jane Foster, but only found the body of Rocky. Odin sighed. The guard standing below showed a mysterious smile on his face, which seemed familiar.

On Earth, after Jane disappeared, Max and Ian became the main force of this scientific research activity. Dr. Selvig has been mentally disordered since his experience in the New York War, and often makes some strange actions, such as running naked to Stonehenge. He was taken to the nursing home as a patient with Alzheimer’s disease, where he still kept talking about his research on Convergence. There are colored eggs here.

Max and Ian, who saw the doctor’s embarrassing situation on TV, took him home from the nursing home. Although he didn’t run naked at home, he was not much better. He walked around in his underpants all day long. That night, three people were eating homemade cupcake (no) at home. Jane and Wang sledgehammer suddenly arrived. The people who met again after a long separation were extremely happy. Especially when the doctor heard the news of Rocky’s death, he was very happy. Then he realized that he had lost his temper and reluctantly expressed regret to Brother Hammer.

After several people analyzed the current situation, Dr. and Jane decided to build a machine that could use Convergence to carry out space transmission as their killer weapon. Spicy chicken shreds and his spaceship killed the earth as predicted by Jane, and attacked London first. Brother Chui fought with him repeatedly. During this period, the instruments of Dr. and Jane have had positive or negative effects, which have solved many enemies, but also injured teammates by mistake. Fortunately, the machine itself has no destructive power, and only transmits people to other places, but only gets involved in the fierce battle. Brother Chui is inexplicably transported to the subway station. He not only needs to take the subway to rush back to fight, but also needs to be robbed by an idiot girl on the subway. But his contented face after being wiped off is swollen.

At the last moment, the spicy chicken shreds show the “black ash fertilizer black ash will volatilize ash fertilizer black ash fertilizer volatilize ash”, aiming to make the whole universe black and volatilize ash. Brother Chui, at the risk of being volatilized, helped Jane nail part of the instrument on the spicy chicken shreds, so that Jane can successfully target the spicy chicken shreds, and sent him to the desolate Swartheim, which was sent in pieces.

The crisis was finally lifted, and Wang Dahui returned to the Xiangong to report. In view of his good performance, Odin intended to give him the throne. Unexpectedly, Wang Dahui did not love the beautiful people. He vowed to defend Asgard forever, but he did not want to accept the throne in order to stay with Jane Foster forever. So Odin finally compromised and gave him his blessing. Wang Dahui thanked his father and turned away.

Behind him,the man on the throne slowly retreated from his disguise and whispered, “Actually, it’s me who should say thank you, brother”. His face showed a bad smile that we can’t be more familiar with.

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