In short, the Japanese drama “Reversal” is a story about a man who began to explore the truth of his friend’s death ten years ago because of some strange things happened recently. However, rather than being classified as suspense and revenge, it is more about redemption and correction, although this correction is nearly 10 years late.At the beginning of the story, you can see the portrait of the male master, Nagase.

In Tokyo, he lived in a small room that was hard to see. The room was full of things and could not stretch his feet. When you wear clothes, you must buckle the button to the top. Every day, you will wear the same clothes. They are simple and modest, like the clothes of an elderly man; He has no status in the company and is not valued. He is called every day because his colleagues want him to make coffee. Yes, coffee is his only pleasure.

Cowardly, timid, has no hobbies except coffee, lacks working ability and poor social skills.Nagase is an ordinary person who walks on the edge of the city, even because of his inferiority complex.He said: My life is ordinary and boring.The only special thing is that Nagase, who is ordinary and even defined as Loser, has a group of elite friends, and they have a friendship of up to ten years.

What kind of person is his friend?

The humble opinion of people who seriously and rigorously pursue what they want is that they have obtained the teacher qualification certificate before graduation;Village Well, a typical second-generation politician with a good background, has been in politics for 10 years following his father’s footsteps.Gu Yuan, who was employed in advance by a large company before graduation, his father-in-law is a senator, his wife is Murai’s sister, and he has a baby daughter;Such a group of social elites, self-confident and powerful people have maintained a relationship with Nagase for a whole decade, and often get together to drink and chat.

But this is not a fairy tale. Cinderella is loved by the prince for no reason.This is reality. The reality is that someone licks the dog and someone is licked.Nagase is the dog licker. He approaches carefully and tries to integrate into the excellent elite group. He plays the role of audience at the party, is the springboard for other people in life, is the object of ridicule, and is a failed adult educated by his peers.

Why? Why should he be so humble?

Do you know the loneliness of being on the edge of the city?He had no friends when he was young, and he was ordinary in the crowd. He was lonely. He wanted to integrate into the society with the help of groups, because if no one cared, there would be no sense of existence.

You said he didn’t try to change?He tried. In this group of friends that you think is deformed, it is his attempt and his integration.The inferiority and cowardice in childhood is something that some people can’t cure after exhausting their life.Many people said that when they saw themselves on the deep set and saw the ordinary person who wanted to integrate into the group, they thought that they would become different in the group and become like other excellent people.

But it was found in vain.Ordinary, these 21 are his life that is hard to change.Probably the only special thing is that ten years ago, he was carrying a human life.Ten years ago, their group was five people.Another person, Guangze, deduces another kind of life. He is from an ordinary background, but looks good, and is popular with girls. His grades are also good. He seems to be happy every day, but he also has a smooth and promising life

In addition to the second generation of the official village well, Asai, who wants to be a teacher, and Gu Yuan, who is too proud, are jealous of Guangze. Asai is jealous of Guangze and seems to have achieved excellent results without painstaking efforts and sweat; Tanigara is jealous of Guangze because Akira, the goddess of Tanigara, likes Guangze, and it seems that Guangze is not only happy about it, but also a little embarrassed.

Nagase envies Muguangze. He envies Guangze as a fish in water in the group, and is deeply loved by many people.He is not jealous of Guangze. Guangze is the reason for his integration into this group. It is Guangze who encourages him to change. It is Guangze who sees the kindness of Nagase. It is Guangze who constantly encourages him to fail and makes him truly feel the warmth of his friends.

He said that Guangze was his first and only friend.However, the tragedy ten years ago made him lose his only friend.A letter identifying them as murderers disturbed their peaceful life for ten years.Convinced that Guangze’s death ten years ago was not accidental, the police officer who intentionally killed people had been observing Nagase and his friends and felt that they had something to hide.

Everything was torn apart, forcing the four people to face the tragedy.In the past ten years, Nagase thought that he was the only one who lived a degenerate life. He let himself go and indulged in guilt. Everyone else forgot about Guangze’s death, and everyone else walked his brilliant life smoothly.You think they are ruthless and indifferent, but they are not.They are just more like adults. They are silent, and their hearts are still deserted.

Although Asai worked in a famous high school and was an excellent teacher, he was not dignified in front of the students. The students did not listen to him, and even was framed in a student drinking incident, and was about to be dismissed.Gu Yuan works in a large company, but he is not important. He was transferred to the branch company to do the handling work. It is recognized that he has a family to support, from suits and shoes to blue overalls. In order to reassure his wife and daughter, he goes out in suits with a smile every day, and then changes back to suits after work to squeeze a smile into the door.

Murai married a woman whose father was in a high position but had a bad temper. In order to achieve political achievements, he served his wife with frustration. However, he met his true love, cheated, was exposed, and his political career was about to be destroyed.They are more like adults and more like us in the city than Nagase. Not all guilt should be shown, and not all regret and pain should be self-indulgent like Nagase,In addition to guilt and pain, they still have life.However, when the accident happened, they all felt that it was a debt they owed and that it was their fate. When Guyuan was pushed off the track, he lied that he didn’t remember anything when he was drunk. Of course he did. He felt it was retribution.

Asai was framed by the students, and the parents and principals of the students in high positions put pressure on him. When no one helped him, he still insisted on letting the students confess because he saw himself.”No matter how you cover up a sin, it is a sin. If you don’t confess now, you will regret it in the future.”

They are not painless, they are their friends.They didn’t feel guilty. It was the wine they let him drink and the car they let him drive.They didn’t regret it. They covered up the truth.Even those who are a little indifferent, worldly and utilitarian have been guilty for 10 years for their mistakes.Even if none of them actually killed their friends.Until the truth of the matter was revealed, and until they finally told the truth they had covered up in the past year, they had the courage to go to life again, so it was not so much the suspense of revenge as the revision of their four lives.

Ordinary or excellent, as a person, there are always some barriers, such as truth, such as people.In this play, the most painful thing is the cruel ending, especially the drama.You always think that the truth is a fact covered up by those who are indifferent, and it is they who prevent you from finding the cause of death of your best friend. Finally, you find that you killed your only best friend.Deep wrasse was crying.He can’t accept it, neither can I.

Don’t comment on the outcome. I would rather that the little angel of Guangze was killed when he met a strange man in the snowy mountains than because of the coffee handed over by his friend.

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