The true, good and beautiful sound of music

“The Sound of Music”Is there a movie that you can’t get tired of watching? No matter how many times it is played, it can still attract you and make your mood fluctuate with the plot? The Sound of Music is such a movie for me.In middle school, the weekend TV program “TV Feature” often broadcast western films, and many classic films such as “Twilight Double Escort”, “Gone with the Wind”, “Roman Holiday”, “Tiger and Leopard”, etc Wait a minute. They are all the classics in my memory at that time. The most impressive one is The Sound of Music. No matter how many times I replay it, I will not change channels, and I can immediately enter a state of concentration, and I will not stop until I finish watching it. Even though I know the plot of the next scene, I will still worry about the protagonist’s family nervously during their escape from Austria; When the children climb the tree to play, I still wait for the next scene of the hero’s car to come and criticize the wild children climbing the tree; I prefer to sing “Do Re Mi” with them on the grass in the suburbs with music. I can’t count how many times I have seen it, but I can’t help loving this charming story and the beautiful songs!

I carefully analyzed the reasons why I like this film.

The first reason that attracts me is, of course, children! No matter what TV programs or movies, as long as the story content related to animals and children can definitely grab my eyes! The theme of this film revolves around a family with seven children, from their rejection and teasing of the tutor to their love and trust, interspersed with one moving song after another. The innocent children, with their sincere feelings, touched the softest part of my heart. Perhaps because the adult world always has to face hypocrisy and even deceit, only in the children in the film can we get the pure projection of the soul, and find a temporary shelter for the hidden innocence in the heart!

Another reason that attracted me was the background of the film, the charming natural scenery of Salzburg, Austria, and the verdant mountains of the Alps. At the age of 30, I went to Europe on my own for two months. Because I liked this movie, I also arranged a special trip to Salzburg, visited the road where children used to climb trees, the flower house where my eldest daughter and her boyfriend talked to each other, and the fountain in the downtown square. Every time I watch the movie, I seem to be able to return to Salzburg and relive the beautiful scenery and the memories of my youth!

The interpretation of love in this film is also attractive. Unlike the direct and explicit expression of love in today’s movies, I prefer to be immersed in the implicit emotion. The heroine hides her inner love in order to complete the engagement of the male host. The dramatic tension of desire for words and shame has touched the feelings of many audiences. When the children came to the monastery and hoped that the teacher would come home with them and support the teacher’s pursuit of love, my mood rose again from the loss of hope. Every time I watched it, it fluctuated with the plot. Finally, the development of the story that the protagonist and heroine have a lover and finally get married makes me feel more satisfied and gratified!

Secondly, the story is compact and precise. Especially in the end, because the hero refused to yield to the threat of the Nazi German army, he took his family to the climax of the plot to escape from Austria with the help of his friends. The whole family hid in the theater corridor and watched them hold their breath. I was nervous. No matter how many times I watched it, I was worried about them in the same spirit, until the car arranged by his friends drove in gently and the whole family got on the car safely. I was relieved.

The reason that attracts me is just like the name of the movie. The whole play is full of artistic conception of truth, goodness and beauty. The seven children have their own characteristics and show their innocence through their undisguised feelings towards the tutor, from rejection, acceptance to trust; The heroine treats the big family with love, solves the embarrassing situations with her wisdom and ingenuity, and shows kindness and tenderness; The picture shooting in the background of the story and the presentation of different scenes show the moving beauty. The film adapted from the real story is perfectly and harmoniously left in my heart!

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