Sometimes, language is pale, impoverish, sentimental, and embellished, while what really moves people is more direct behavior, actions, and eyesFor example, one of the most profound representatives of silent love, “That Summer, The Sea of Tranquility” directed by Takeshi Kitano, tells the love story of a pair of deaf men and women who love each other in a summer.The story is very simple, but the emotion in the light and shadow is wonderful, showing us the purest and most unforgettable love.Today, I recommend another classic love work, “Silent but turbulent love, listening to thunder in silence”: “Silent as the sea”.

It is said that the deepest love can only be expressed in silence because it is beyond the bottom line of the soul.Someone once said that there are only two things in the world that can transcend national boundaries: war and love.”Silent as the Sea” is a legendary love story that took place in the war.He is a German captain, polite and handsome;She is a French piano teacher, quiet and charming, young and beautiful.

He was forced to live in her house, which was expropriated by her superior. With loyalty to the motherland and the feeling of being violated, she naturally rejected and hated him.However, he seemed different from other German soldiers. He always greeted them politely when he went home or out, no matter how they did not respond verbally.One day, two days, three days It lasted for many days, and he still did.

From the first sentence of wishing you good night, to the unimportant talk about the weather, to the warm and polite words of privacy and restraint, he told them that he was forced to join the army because of family tradition and glory, and in fact, like the French family, everyone was a victim of war.

Then, he tried to talk about literature and music with them. It turned out that before joining the army, he was also a music practitioner and loved Bach most.

He also shared his understanding of the sea with her:[I’m not talking about waves, but other things, mysterious things.The reason why I like the sea is because I like its tranquility. It is a mysterious sea hidden in the depths.The sea is quiet. Learn to listen…]

Listening to him talk to herself, she did not respond, but her heart was already unconsciously responding. She began to secretly look at his cool posture and elegant face, and her eyes also changed from indifference to tenderness, from resistance to confusion.She would ride through the quiet sea he said every day. The sea was silent. It seemed that she was listening to everything with her heart and was quietly happy.Her heart is full of waves and her appearance is as calm as the sea. She is not the same as the sea. There is deep feeling in her silence.

On Christmas Day, she put on her favorite clothes, and he faced her alone for the first time.He played a Bach for her.The sound of this beloved music seems to have opened the wall of bondage and resistance in her heart and hit the soft place of her soul precisely.She is excited.The same is true of him.He couldn’t help getting close to her back, and tried to touch her, but finally retracted (“love is the perfect interpretation of touching and retracting hands”.After he left, she could not restrain her beating heart and sneaked into his room.

Smell the smell of his scarf, bury his head in his sleeping pillow, open the whole person on the bed, imagine the feeling of holding him in his arms, repeatedly touch, smell, breathe, imagine, a heart can not help but tremble.The next day, they were as usual. His affectionate eyes were full of forbearance, and her soft feelings were full of restraint, restraint and restraint.It can only be restraint or helplessness.One day, he accidentally ran into her and was forced to kiss by her cousin. He could only open the door loudly and stop her anger.

In the evening, he took off his military uniform and changed into plain clothes. He intended to talk to her directly. At that time, her grandpa appeared and interrupted him with only one sentence: I have something to say to you He seemed to understand grandpa’s kindness and intention to stop, and said good night and left.After all, there are boundaries between them. What can he choose?We have to choose to hold it like respect.The days went on silently, but they were still silent, refusing to accept, accepting to refuse With the infiltration, exchange and communication between their hearts, their hearts reached an irresistible flight.

But one day, she could not calm down any longer. She knew that he would be in danger. She rushed to his room at the first time to tell him, but felt it was inappropriate. She was nervous and hesitated, and did not know what to do. She hesitated for a long time. Until he was going out, she could no longer hesitate so much. She ran to the piano and played their favorite Bach. This time, unlike their previous tenderness, the sound of the piano became high and urgent.He gradually understood the uneasiness in her eyes and the flurry of her fingers. She was relieved to hear an explosion coming from outside. He also understood her response.

The war is cruel and ruthless. Even if the two hearts are clean, pure and affectionate, they can only swing back and forth in reason and sensibility, desire and resistance, and finally can only be placed in the heart, hoping that it will never recede.However, the parting came as scheduled, and he had to leave.Before leaving, he told him what he wanted to leave and said good night to them for the last time.Before she finished listening to his words, she could not control the shaking of her mouth. Her face was already full of tears, but she could only look at her quietly and affectionately.Finally, he couldn’t bear to say goodbye! Go away.She could not restrain it any longer and ran out of the door with tears in her eyes.

Four eyes meet. He is affectionate and attentive. She is sincere and pure. There are thousands of words in her heart that want to be said. Finally, it turns into a sentence: Goodbye!The long monologue finally got a response in words, and he left contentedly.After he left, life and death were unknown.She is still silent like the sea, quietly burying this unforgettable feeling in her heart.This is their love story. This is “Silent as the Sea”. They only have one dialogue in the whole film: Goodbye!

But silent love and restrained love are the most profound and moving.They look at each other in silence and stop talking, but they are better than thousands of words. In fact, their souls communicate, understand and blend in silence.The details of the film are extremely detailed. The eyes, expressions, body movements, and every lens are expressing the secret emotions. It is no exaggeration to say that after watching, it is really recognized that human eyes can speak, even better than language!I think it is because of the contest between love and restraint that he and she can read each other’s mind in very few external manifestations.

They understand each other’s position and helplessness, and understand each other’s deep feelings and warmth in the hot and forbearable eye contact, in the calm appearance and inner surging, and in the helpless silence.Therefore, his seemingly one-way dialogue can arouse resonance in her heart;He quietly withdrew his hand, and she could feel his love;Her soft and watery playing implicates his inner desire;He can understand her love and helplessness because of her deliberate and panic.

As the netizen said, because compared with too many people who only love one percent but pretend to love one percent, the movie protagonist who love one percent can only show one percent, but this one percent power is enough shocking.Love is like a deep sea. It is calm on the outside and turbulent on the inside.I think the rarest thing in the world is that your calm and quiet flow, your careless, clumsy form and deliberate helplessness can be understood by one person.How I wish there had been such a person in my life, and then we can say like Rilke: I recognize the storm and am as excited as the sea.

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