Many people saw some positive things in Forrest Gump’s biography, some very positive things, some salvation.What I feel is a desolation, a very helpless desolation, a deep desolation.Although Forrest Gump broke through his instincts, shackles and barriers, and made his instincts play to the utmost.Finally, he achieved one achievement after another that ordinary people could not achieve. In fact, it is a fairy tale to win the audience’s attentionIn the real world, the disabled people I contact with are not like this.

The winter before last year, there was a message in my circle of friends that the disabled needed help.

A disabled person needs work to support her belief in the whole world.

At that time, I happened to have a batch of manual work and wanted someone to help me process it.

I went around to find the disabled man and talked happily.

Her hands and feet withered because of polio, but she was self-reliant and learned to draw and cross stitch.

In order not to cause trouble to her parents, she and her boyfriend rented a house in the suburbs and lived a seemingly warm life.

This winter, my boyfriend couldn’t go to work because of his foot injury and infection.

The lives of the two are in trouble.

After I went to visit them, I took my manual work with me and taught them to do it.

After that, her boyfriend did all the manual work. I taught her something that seemed uninterested, or she felt a little upset.

In fact, everyone can learn. After learning, he can open a shop to support his family. My other friend bought a house in this business. Of course, it must be very hard.

Is there any work that is not hard in this world?

Maybe people have different ideas. If you want to master a skill, you will do your best.

Of course, this is also true for the things we love. But if we have to rely on our hands to make money to support ourselves, we will not choose what we like or dislike, will we?

Later, for various reasons, the girl’s boyfriend left her.

There is a pile of dog-blood stories in the middle. I really don’t want to judge right and wrong.

After that, the girl would chat with me when she had nothing to do in her spare time. What she talked about was the relationship between her and her boyfriend. Did she send love to me in the circle of friends every day? Love me? How deep is love, man’s change of heart and so on.

I haven’t mentioned a word related to work.

I think the ideal life she wants is to face the light of life’s changes, but what she wants is emotional comfort and this dependence.

I always use one thing to encourage her. There was a man who suffered from muscle atrophy. At last, only his mouth could move. He used his mouth to type on Taobao and opened a Taobao shop to feed himself.

I told her this story again and again, but I think she didn’t understand the meaning of my words.

I am a person who likes to write romantic stories, but I am not interested in the real world.

The wind, snow and moon are really based on a happy life of eating and clothing, and leisure.

Girl, your identity and your reality are not suitable to talk about this, but I still swallow such cruel words.

Later, many people still used the girl’s affairs to consume themselves in the circle of friends and advertise their products.

The girl also thought that everyone really cared for her out of humanity.

I hope that one day she can see the world clearly.

There is no sympathy and love without reason in this world.

After watching the film of Forrest Gump, I suffered from depression again.

I remember that depression accompanied me for half a year when I watched the night walk.

To be honest, I don’t have any unhappy things, so I don’t know where the depression comes from. Maybe it’s a question of human nature?

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