I watched the movie “Heart Catcher” at the weekend. In fact, the English name can better reflect the director’s mind about choosing the movie name. “Good Will Hunting”, in which the hero is called Will, the word also has will and determination; Wish; Will and intention, etc. The Chinese translation is “Soul Catcher”, which is not very appropriate, but it faithfully reflects the expression content of the film. I personally understand that I feel a bit like Mr. Sean caught a “poor little” Will Hunting who looks cold, willful, arrogant and naughty, but has a simple and kind heart.

“Soul Catcher” is an inspirational drama film. The film is directed by Gus Van Sant and starred by Robin Williams and Matt Damon. The film tells the story of a cleaner at MIT named Will Hunting. With the help of Professor Lambert, psychologist Sean and friend Chuck, Will finally opened his mind, eliminated interpersonal barriers, and found himself and love.

Lambert, a math professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, wrote a very difficult question on the bulletin board of his department. He hoped that his outstanding students could solve the answer, but no one could. As a result, a young cleaner, Will, found this math problem and easily solved it when he was cleaning after class.

Will is extremely intelligent but rebellious, and even fights and makes trouble everywhere. He was sentenced by the juvenile court and sent to the juvenile detention center. The math professor has the intention to promote this unruly genius and ask him to regularly study math and receive psychological counseling. He couldn’t beat the math problem, but he was particularly resistant to psychological counseling until he met Professor Sean, a psychological counseling expert who was not successful in his career. With Sean’s efforts, the initial confrontation between the two turned into a mutually inspired friendship, which enabled Will to open his heart, walk out of the shadow of loneliness and realize himself.

In my opinion, the climax of the whole film is that Professor Sean firmly and sincerely repeated the sentence “That’s not your fault” to Will, who is depressed and confused. It is exactly these short six words that Professor Sean repeated more than five times seriously, which unlocked Will’s heart and released his pent-up emotions for too long.

Will, who is just in his early twenties, is an orphan who grew up in countless foster families. When he was a child, he was abused by the parents of foster families. Some people were so cruel and cold-blooded that they put a wrench in his stomach. All kinds of abuse made Will lose his desire for human nature, love and trust in intimate relationships. Because these people promised to love him and take care of his family, the so-called adoptive parents disappointed Will.

Will dropped out of school when he became an adult, made friends with a group of iron brothers, and worked together to live a vagrant life. Because he was not loved, Will did not know love and was afraid to love. In order to prevent others from sneaking in and giving him a fatal blow, he blocked his heart.

It can be said that in Will’s weak and helpless childhood, there were only nightmare-like terrible memories of being abused and sexually abused. He was very painful but unable to resist. No one could give him any kind of help. He cried every day and could not cry. He could silently endure these painful and unbearable hardships. Perhaps he has asked many times why he came to face these painful and cruel realities, and why no one loved him to take care of him and understand why he helped him.

The young Will may have asked many times but could not get the answer, so he finally could only think that it must be his own fault, so God wanted to punish him for such a miserable life experience, so a poor little boy could not open his heart again. He was ruthless on the outside, but fragile on the inside. He could only keep others away before others hurt him.

Until he met a charming girl from Harvard Medical School, Skelan, in the bar, Will could not help falling in love with this funny and lovely girl from Harvard Medical School. He always felt that he was different from other girls, but at the same time, he felt that Skelan, who studied hard and did his homework, was always stupid and cute. He is hopelessly infatuated with Skelan and always goes out with Skelan. After getting familiar with each other and confiding in each other, they often hang out in Skelan’s rented house and fly together.

Just as the relationship between the two continued to heat up, Scalan wanted to take Will back to his hometown California to meet his family, but Will ran away in a hurry. The nightmare of his childhood reappeared in front of him like a devil’s hand. He was afraid to experience the terrible experience of being hurt, abused and abandoned by the person he believed in and loved again, so he was willing to run away before the injury occurred.

Professor Sean, on the other hand, saw through Will’s disguise of “being tough inside and being tough outside” and melted the iceberg accumulated by Will for many years with a sentence of “That’s not your fault”. He was finally willing to take a step forward to try to build a new intimate relationship and never take the first step. You never know whether that girl is your true love.

At last, Will really put down the past and found himself. He also finally knew what he wanted to do, what he liked to do, and what was most important to him. He drove the best die-hards, Chuck and Morgan assembled a broken car for him as a birthday gift, and drove directly to California to find his favorite girl, Skelan. The biggest enemy of a person is himself, and the biggest heart knot is made by himself. If you have to hold on to your pigtail, don’t want to reconcile with yourself, and don’t let yourself go, you will live in constant self-denial, attack, and hurt all your life. No one can hurt you, except yourself, because if you don’t allow it, no one can hurt you, including yourself.

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