Don’t worry about whether the story is wonderful enough. Just look at the cute baby boss who is twisting his big butt, wearing a small suit, carrying a briefcase, playing coquettish like a baby, and talking like an adult. The only child should have a desire to have a brother or sister after watching this movie, and the parents will also have a desire to have a second child after watching this movie, even if it is just a moment of impulse. So this movie gives me the greatest feeling that it is quite suitable for making promotional films to encourage the birth of a second child!

Strange brain hole

First of all, the film opens a big brain hole, which is about how children come from? It turns out that there is a Kubao company in the world that will mass produce lovely babies, and some babies will go to different families to be normal children, live and die. Another part of babies will stay at the management level of the company, drink the eternal milk of youth, always have the appearance of babies and the intelligence of adults. Of course, if the baby of the management is dismissed one day, it can only leave the management and go to an ordinary family to be an ordinary child.

Different perspectives

The little boy Tim was originally the only child who was favored by the only child. At the beginning, he refused to have another little brother or sister. So when the baby boss came home as his brother, he was ostracized, and even felt hurt because his brother stole the love of his parents. Parents need to spend a lot of energy to take care of their younger brother. They have no time to tell themselves bedtime stories anymore. The songs they once sang only to themselves are also sung only to their younger brother. Because the film will be more exaggerated, but it is also the exaggerated effect that can make adults more touched. With Erbao, we need to pay more attention to Dabao’s psychological state. We can’t think that the arrival of our younger brother and sister will naturally make Dabao accept.

As a second child, the boss of Baobao is also reluctant. He has never really enjoyed the love of the family, so he said, “We will not miss what we did not have!”. From his point of view, he would think that since my brother has enjoyed the love of his parents, it should be my turn now. I should be the focus of my parents.

Parents will say that in fact, two children love the same, but in the face of first-come, first-come, first-year and first-year children, parents’ approach is difficult to satisfy both children. A parent’s unintentional behavior will make another child sensitive, especially for Dabao. Because Dabao once enjoyed being the only child of his parents and having the attention decided by his parents, Erbao was born to accept that he was not the only child in his family.

The film also has another perspective, namely pets! More and more families choose to have a pet instead of children! They will keep pets as children and as members of the family. Even some families have children, but they also attach great importance to pets and regard them as members of the family. This also makes people think again about what a child means to the family!

What does a child mean? What does a brother or sister mean!

The baby boss once said that if Tim could not help him succeed, he would become an ordinary child, and they would become real brothers. They said a long series of words, and the animation in this part was funny and a little scary. In fact, we can’t guess that they will become true brothers and love each other.

Call back is the cliche of talk show, but the boss’s words to make Tim make up his mind to help him come true. Tim was scared because the baby boss said he wanted to be a brother. He didn’t want another brother in the family, so he would help the baby boss to inquire about the secret of Mengmeng Dog. In the end, Tim wrote this in a letter to the baby boss, hoping to move the baby boss, because at this time, he really wanted to have a brother.

People can’t miss what they didn’t have

Finally, the baby boss successfully destroyed the plan of Mengmenggou and got a promotion! He had the golden toilet he had longed for, but found himself unhappy. As soon as he received the letter from Tim to himself, he was moved to death by the words he once said to scare Tim. Then he rushed out of the office without hesitation, chose to return to his family, be an ordinary child, and be Tim’s good brother.

Although the plot of the film seems very simple, many details are very careful. The baby boss said at the beginning that he would not miss what he did not have, such as the love and brotherhood of his parents. But once you have it, you will find that love is the most precious thing in the world, much more precious than any golden toilet.

The greatest happiness is to have a neat family and love each other! Do you want a family with two children?

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