First of all, I told myself that I hadn’t seen “The Lion King” when I was a child, so today I don’t have any talk about “young people don’t understand the Lion King, it’s not confusing to understand”.For the first time, I knew that the lion named Simba also had a childhood (covering his face). When he was young, he was also naughty, just like my son who was five or six years old and full of electricity.Sitting in the corner of the cinema, I don’t know how much my five-year-old son can understand. But I, like finding a confidant, just missed a pat on my thigh: Oh, why is this little lion so like my son!

So, my old mother, who worries about everything, began to talk about her son again~~

“Courage is not about getting you into trouble”

The lion king Mufasa, with Simba, patrolled his kingdom in the face of the rising sun.

“Where the sun shines, it is our land!”

“Where is the shadow?” Simba asked.

“It doesn’t belong to us. You can’t go there.” Mufasa answered earnestly.

However, Simba did a stupid thing under the influence of his uncle’s scar. In order to prove his courage, he took his good partner Nana to take risks and ran to the shadow of the elephant cemetery.

As a result, he was besieged by several hyenas and nearly lost his life!

If Mufasa hadn’t arrived in time to save them, Simba might have become a “young lion sandwich”.

Mufasa was irritated by Simba’s adventure. He warned Simba, “It seems that you have put aside my words… Courage is not to let you find trouble!”

Son, look, you are very similar to Simba the little lion?

When I told you that you must walk next to me, so that when we were scattered, you purposely tried to rush forward and looked at me provocatively: I am not afraid!

When you play football and run fast, I told you to “be careful”, but you run crazily harder and keep making faces at me and saying, “I’m good, I’m good.”~~

There are many more

My child, I also want to say to you that courage is not reckless, it is not to destroy order, just to prove that you are not afraid.

Courage is a kind of life attitude, which is hidden in your heart. When you face the difficulties of future life, you can dare to try, cut through the thorns, and try to find a way is really brave.

You can escape for a while, but you can’t be silent for a lifetime

Scar told Simba that his father would give him a gift to cheat him into the valley.

Then the hyenas drove the bison into the valley, causing Simba to be in danger. Mufasa almost died in the rush of beasts in order to save Simba.

However, when Mufasa tried to climb up the cliff and ask for help from Scar, he was pushed down the cliff with a ferocious smile.

Simba was heartbroken at the dead Mufasa. Without knowing it, he thought he had killed his father. With guilt and panic and the encouragement of the scar, he ran to the distance, only to be chased and killed by hyenas.

Simba was rescued by Timon and Pumbaa and lived with them.

He learned to “Hakuna Matata”, to escape his glory as king and his responsibilities, to put aside the pain of the past, and to live a carefree life.

However, occasionally looking up at the starry sky, he would still think of his father Mufasa and the words he said, “Every king’s soul becomes a star and looks at us in the sky.”

Later, the kingdom of glory suffered, and the lions suffered from hunger. Nana, a childhood friend, found him and encouraged him to take back the ruling power.

Simba struggled in his heart, but finally felt his father’s love and support, regained his confidence, won the battle with Scar, and became the real lion king.

Children, in the process of our growth, are likely to make mistakes, some of which are small and do not affect life; Some mistakes can change the course of our life.

In the face of the consequences of making mistakes, we regret our mistakes and have heartache, but we can’t just escape. We should try to face up to our hearts and dare to bear the pain of growth.

All the past is the prologue.

Whether it is glory or responsibility, what is yours is yours. You can escape for a while, but you can never escape for a lifetime.

You start with this and end with it

The scar in “The Lion King” is a relatively evil existence.

He can cheat the inexperienced Simba softly, or announce the plan to kill Mufasa to the hyena coldly.

There are many ways of bad guys, and one of them will catch you.

After Mufasa died, Scar became the king instead. But what Scar didn’t expect was that Simba returned to the kingdom of glory alive.

“Run as far as possible!”

At the beginning, what Scar said to Simba, Simba returned it intact to him who failed in the struggle for rights.

At last, Simba drove Scar from the King’s Cliff and became a meal for hyenas.

Seeing him rise from the high building, seeing his banquet guests, seeing his building collapse.

At the moment Scar pushed Mufasa from the cliff, I don’t know whether he expected the same outcome a few years later.

My child, I have always been in awe of the end of doing evil: “You start with this, you end with this”. You will rise and die for whatever reason.

Therefore, no matter what we do in the future, we should think carefully about the consequences of it, and do not do it with small evil.

Everyone has weak points and armor

About bravery, do you remember Simba asked Mufasa?

He asked innocently, “Will the king be afraid, too?”

Mufasa answered him seriously: “Yes, I’m scared. Just like just now, I almost thought you would die.”

Every child is a weakness of his parents and can easily poke their hearts.

So even the king Mufasa, who became a father, was full of love and tenderness. He told Simba that the rules could not be challenged and taught him to hunt. Simba had to go far away with the elderly.

However, children, you also let parents put on armor.

The parents’ temper is gradually smoothed, and their hearts become more and more soft. They think about everything for their children, and even pay their own lives.

Child, when your heart is full of love and you have people and things you care about, you will have weaknesses, and also put on armor. You will become stronger and braver for the people you want to protect.

In the re-release of “The Lion King”, some people saw that the weak are the most vulnerable to malice;

Some people think that good words are not necessarily good words, good words are not good words, and good words are not good words;

Some people think that love and rules are eternal themes;

My child, I can’t tell you the big truth. I can only tell you my life experience.

But I also know that you will not understand my words, and even if you understand them, you will not implement them, because this is my path, my experience, not yours.

Like Simba, the little lion, you will move forward obstinately, constantly try and make mistakes, “Hakuna Matata” for a while, and finally turn around and firmly walk out of your own path.

And I can only watch you step by step, and then silently give you the greatest blessing!

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