“Paddington Bear” is a very interesting film, which is not only reflected in the healing feeling brought to the audience by the protagonist of the always silly animal, but also in the serious humor presented by the British in the film, plus the very relaxed and harmless drama and sometimes cold jokes, and of course, the narrative mode around the family core, All of these make this “Paddington Bear” the most warm film in this bleak March.

Interesting contrast is that “Paddington Bear” is set in London, a place famous for its cold, foggy and rainy weather, which seems not so warm. But in fact, in the film, when a bear from a foreign country was homeless in London, which often rains, the kind Brown family took it in. The Paddington Bear highlights this feeling with obvious color contrast. The outdoor scenes are mainly dark colors such as rain, while the indoor scenes emphasize and highlight the strength of the family with warm colors and details representing vitality. So, in the overall cold environment, what the Browns and Paddington Bear presented to the audience was a warm drama of family reunion.

Obviously, home is a core concept throughout the film. At the beginning of the film, Paddington’s uncle and aunt formed a funny and warm family with the young Paddington. Unfortunately, the good times did not last long. An earthquake destroyed the nest on the tree that symbolized home. The destruction of the house symbolized the disintegration of the family, so the young Paddington could only embark on his road trip from Peru to the London that his uncle and aunt said. At the beginning of the film, London existed as an image, brought by the explorers of the Geographic Society, and became the distant dream of the Bear family. When the earthquake ended, the homeless little Paddington drifted across the sea and smuggled to London. At this time, it is not bad to think of Paddington as a vagrant in the city. Wandering in the city streets, confused in the subway station, etc., the film depicts Paddington’s loneliness and helplessness. This emotional stimulation tied with no home just lays the groundwork for the Browns who came out of the subway. Although it looks like fighting and chaos, the warmth and closeness of the family are emitted from the inside out, This is exactly what Paddington Bear lacks. Therefore, the homeless bear and the loving family have a natural connection and come together. The film has contributed a lot of interesting jokes here. The conflict between Paddington Bear and civilization is the basic reason for the jokes in the film. From the perspective of narrative rhythm, this gag-style plot also appropriately makes people feel the cuteness of the bear and the easygoing of the Browns.

It is the surprise of the Browns that makes it very natural for them to take in a homeless bear. Look at the performance lineup. The master in Downton Manor plays the head of a family who is talkative and talks with data. Sally Hawkins, who plays the wife, is famous for her neurotic role. Even Ben Weishaw, who dubs Paddington, is also an alternative actor in Britain, including the two children of Brown and his wife. Her daughter is adolescent, and her son seems to be a geek in science and technology. Strange but not weird, this family seems to be destined to form a family, plus a Paddington bear that is more different from humans, it is simply a weird family. However, in recent years, more and more works are willing to start from the edge and weirdness, but describe the warm humanistic care that exists in human beings. The same is true for this film. The Browns’ rejection of the Paddington bear from the beginning to the final approval. The whole process is smooth and emotional. The audience can also feel the release of human kindness to pets.

So, Paddington Bear went from no home to home, and after a short period of separation to combination, he was disturbed by the role of “bad witch” played by Nicole Kidman. Paddington Bear became an abandoned “orphan” again.

This section of the film can make people sentimentally associate with the situation that many families have suffered from the loss of pets. Paddington is gone, and the Browns feel the importance of this small animal to themselves. Inspired by love and family “reunion”, the family has to take risks to fight against the female devil, and finally win back the success of Paddington and the family.

Obviously, this is a very happy family work, which integrates elements such as road and adventure, and increases the visibility of the film. However, the overall story is easy to understand, the rhythm is light, and the performance is also full of fun. It is very suitable for the whole family to watch. It is quite harmless, and also promotes the values of family and friendship. It has successfully become a model of happy family film.

Of course, if the film is not just a commercial film of family fun, then this “Paddington Bear” is obviously full of some ideological color. The white adventurers came to the primeval forests of South America and happened to visit the endangered animals on the earth. In the spirit of humanism, the white adventurers chose to keep the past secret. However, his western-style daily life obviously affected the original Bear family, so the life of London and London became the object of their dreams day and night. When their home was destroyed, they came to London, where they were subjected to the baptism of culture and the edification of ethics. The courteous little bear made people feel happy, and its too British gentlemanly demeanor also clearly showed that it also implied an ideological implication. Considering the self-respect imagination of Britain itself, the political color embodied in this “Paddington Bear” is not groundless.

Of course, “Paddington Bear” is always missing something. For example, although Paddington’s eyes show the city of London, there seems to be no other impressive place except those street artists. Another example is that the conflict is too light, and there is no surprise… However, in this cute March, there are big white in the front, and Paddington, the silly and harmless little bear. It is enough to feel the warmth of the world in Paddington Bear.

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