In recent years, Indian films have always been a classic production place in our minds, and we have rarely been disappointed. The recent “Indian Partner”, like the “Mysterious Star”, “Wrestling! Dad”, “Toilet Hero” and “Starting Line” appeared in the past two years, is not only to sell seats, but also to let the audience reflect on the current society through the plot.

“Indian Partner”, formerly known as “Pad Man”, is an inspirational film based on the true entrepreneurial story of Rajram, an Indian grassroots entrepreneur. The background of the story is around 2012. At that time, only 12% of women in India could use expensive sanitary napkins during the physiological period because India imposed import tariffs on sanitary napkins according to the luxury tax. The women who can’t use sanitary napkins have to use old cloth, hay, old newspapers and other scribbles to solve the problem, resulting in countless cases of infection and death. So this film is about an Indian man, how to promote high-quality and cheap sanitary napkins to benefit thousands of Indian women.

Like almost all Indian films, Indian song and dance is always an indispensable part of the beginning of the film. In a film of song and dance, the male leader and the female leader married, giving people a very sweet and happy feeling. However, this kind of happiness did not last long before it was broken. One day, his wife, Gately, suddenly felt unwell. Lakshmi was anxious to care, but his mother stopped him again and again. The madman who loved his wife spent 55 rupees to buy a sanitary napkin from the supermarket for the female owner. The female owner was ecstatic when he saw it, but refused after hearing how much money was spent. Later, after the male owner learned from the hospital that women could not use sanitary napkins and other hazards, he decided to make sanitary pads for the female owner.

In India, women’s physiological period is considered unclean and will pollute the deities. Therefore, women in physiological period will consciously move their beds outside and avoid contact with any men, including their husbands, because they acquiesce that they are “dirty” and cannot eat with their families. The kitchen is also their forbidden area, and female students cannot go to school during physiological period. Undoubtedly, the man’s behavior will not be understood. In order to get his wife to throw away the dirty cloth, he took the charge of being “crazy” and “abnormal”. He was misunderstood by the villagers for many times and fell into a state of despair and helplessness again and again. The village has no place for him‘ Let humiliation be turned into dignity ‘. At the moment when the man shouted out, his heart was suddenly brought to the highest point. He was shocked and applauded for it. Leaving the village was doomed to be a hard and bumpy road.

However, he did not give up. After leaving his hometown, he vowed to make a real aunt towel and never compromise through difficulties and obstacles. Fortunately, I met the most important beautiful partner in my life. From winning the prize in the innovation competition in Delhi, India, to slowly getting on the right track, and then to the speech of the United Nations, I got help and encouragement from this beautiful partner again and again, and step by step to success. The story here is very happy for the man. It proves that he has always been accompanied by a beautiful woman in the process of success. Everyone thinks they should be together. However, the man finally chose the wife he once loved. After all things have been proved, he can still choose the wife he once loved. He can’t hurt the man again and again because he can’t be insulted. But the man can still understand and accept all this, which really taught every man the most vivid lesson. This may be the best end result of the man.

Although the film is defined as a comedy, I think it is more inspirational. In such a village with outdated ideas and backward ideas, the man can spend 51 rupees to avoid going to hell after death, but he still doesn’t want to stay away from hell while living and spend 55 rupees, so he still doesn’t give up his original intention. Relatives did not understand that the villagers wanted to hang him, and his wife left him because she could not bear the humiliation. He was cursed on his back and left home with nothing. If he is only to care for his wife, then it is not necessary to take much trouble after he becomes famous. He said: “My machine is not to earn tens of millions, but to help tens of millions”. So his love is great love, and his original intention is also derived from the great dream of benefiting all Indian women. So with his unremitting efforts, most Indian women can use sanitary pads with only 2 rupees.

“If you don’t have trouble, it means you are not alive. When trouble comes, you will have a chance to live.” Yes, the man has been exploring in trouble. He not only survived, but also lived with meaning and value, and finally achieved success step by step.

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