Harvard University once put forward a famous question: a train is about to hit five people. Changing the track can save these five people, but it will kill another person. What will you do?In the face of this problem, no one can guarantee that the answer given by himself is the correct answer, but what if we increase the chips?There is a film about such a problem.In 2010, the film “Strategic Secret Service” was released.One morning, FBI agents from the Los Angeles Branch found that a wanted man named Steven Arthur Younger was being broadcast on all TV stations on the grounds that he was suspected of a shooting case and killed a policeman.

How can the suspect of a shooting case, He De, need to alarm all TV stations? Soon, Brody, the head of the secret agent, was informed that he was going to deal with a major case concerning national security.

When he arrived at the central institution, Brody was surprised to find that the person involved in the big case was Arthur Young, wanted on TV. He also gave himself a Muslim name: Yusuf Mohammed. At this time, he had been arrested, but it was unpredictable that he was arrested on his own initiative: he walked to the camera of a shopping mall and stood for more than 20 minutes without doing anything until two agents arrested him.

Arthur Younger, his real identity is not the suspect of the shooting case, but the bomb expert of the former US special forces, especially the nuclear bomb. Now he has stolen 18 pounds of nuclear materials, and then made three nuclear bombs, which will be detonated on Friday.

It is obvious that Younger must have been arrested intentionally for some purpose. However, no matter what means the military uses, it can’t get a clue from him. They were not allowed to seek the help of experts. For this reason, they invited the director of the Divine Shield Bureau, Dr. H., the most outstanding agent of the FBI, to play the film.

Director, oh no, Dr. H really surprised everyone at the scene with his first move: What are you doing in that trouble? Cut two fingers first. The military rushed in and put Dr. H out. (There is too much ketchup in the camera, no more pictures)

Blondi, who held high the humanitarian banner, could not bear it. She first condemned this as a violation of the humanitarian treaty, and then denounced H’s behavior as unconstitutional to her superiors. But the superior said: If the nuclear bomb exploded, even the Constitution would not exist! For the safety of tens of millions of people, Dr. H is authorized by the central government to take any means.

Dr. H is an expert in this field. His years of experience in dealing with terrorists tells him that you have no choice but to be more ruthless than terrorists. Torture such as electric shock, suffocation, hand chopping, etc. Blondi chose Xiaozhi as the reason of emotion and hope to influence Yang Ge. Of course, this has no effect. Under the increasingly harsh torture of Dr. H, Yang Ge finally agreed to say his own requirements:

“The United States has withdrawn all its forces in the Middle East and will no longer interfere in all affairs of the Muslim world.”

Faced with such a big demand, the military is naturally unable to make a decision, and has such a big appetite at the beginning. They began to wonder whether all this was a fraud designed by Yang Ge. Brody took Younger’s child as a chip, continued to understand it with emotion, and finally set up a place. After the search, the military did not find any traces of the bomb. When everyone was relieved, they were beaten in the face the next second.

A bomb exploded in a shopping mall, killing 53 people.

The trial continued. It was Friday, and the police were lucky to find a nuclear bomb, but it was only more than three hours before the explosion time. It was almost impossible to find the remaining two. Under no circumstances, H took a more extreme measure: H found Younger’s wife and cut his throat in his face.

Younger collapsed, but still stuck to the bottom line and refused to reveal a word. H also expressed his final attitude: I can kill your wife, can’t I move your children? I can do anything!

Sure enough, Yang Ge’s final psychological defense line collapsed under the stimulation of his child’s frightened crying. But H still refused to stop. He firmly believed that there was a fourth nuclear bomb. The military couldn’t stand it anymore. The interrogation was forced to be interrupted. Next, H’s words made everyone present dumbfounded: 18 pounds of nuclear material, 4.5 pounds of nuclear bombs were found, so what about 4.5 pounds?

But Blondi would not agree to continue the interrogation anyway. She must ensure the safety of the two children. At this time, Young seized a pistol and shot himself.

The last chance was completely destroyed.

The final shot of the film is fixed on the fourth nuclear bomb which is about to end the countdown.

Back to the original question, if 1; The proportion of 5 still makes people hesitate. What about 1:50 million?

Brody is undoubtedly an image of the Virgin in this process. From beginning to end, she has always claimed to abide by the Constitution and humanitarianism, and opposed what Dr. H did. After the explosion in the mall, she blamed Yang Ge for his reckless life and cheated her. Until the end, she still forcibly stopped the interrogation on the grounds of humanitarianism and child protection, although Dr. H just tied up the two children and took the syringe to scare them. Is it humanitarian that tens of millions of people died after the atomic bomb explosion?

I think this is the essence of the whole film.

During the interrogation, Dr. H’s wife came to visit him. Brody asked his wife how you and your child lived with such an abnormal person.

H’s wife told Blodi a story: “I was originally in Romania. One day, three people broke into my house. They raped me in front of my family, and then killed my family. My son was the last to die. These three people are my neighbors, all know me, and all are people with normal appearance.”

The person with vicious spirits and tattooed arms may jump into the turbulent torrent in order to save a puppy; The grand-sounding and righteous speaker on the stage may make a shady deal behind his back. Dr. H used the most devilish means to save the world; Brody wore the face of an angel, but pushed the world to hell; But Yang Ge, who looks like a victim, is holding the chips made up of tens of millions of people’s lives.

What is justice? What is evil?

What is kindness? What is cruelty?

What is an angel? What is the devil?

This reminds me of the picture of Hungry Sudan, which shocked the world in 1994.

The bony, dying young Sudanese girl and the vultures who are covetous and ready to move.

With this photo, photographer Kevin Carter won the Pulitzer Prize, the highest honor in the press. But after the honor, followed by the condemnation and curse of the whole world.

“Selfish, step on the body of the little girl to receive the prize.”

“There is no human nature in the face of death!”

Under the attack of the whole world, Kevin Carter chose suicide as his end. But in fact, the place where this photo took place was near the rescue station, and the little girl had received humanitarian assistance at that time. After pressing the shutter, Kevin Carter drove the vulture away, then came to a tree and began to cry······

Kevin at least went to Africa and Sudan to show the world all this; And how much did those who stood at the top of morality do?

From the perspective of God, we can see all this clearly, but when we are in it, how many people can remain truly rational.

I hope everyone can maintain a true angel face from beginning to end.

Hell is empty, and all the devils are here.

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